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Pirate Radio Links

North Country Radio... They have a nice FM transmitter compact and for 75$ you can't go wrong! They also have an AM transmitter!
Panaxis...Nice on-line catalog...Good amps...
Veronica...Probably one of the best Transmitters, almost everyone of these have outstanding sound!!!
Broadcast-Warehouse...They have quite a few new transmitter and amps...very high quality!
Free Radio Berkely....Stephen Dunifer's website...Nice...He recently won a lawsuit against the FCC!
LDBREWER...Nice place to buy Veronica...FRB..and Broadcast Warehouse....
Progressive Concepts...Win there contest and get a FREE catalog...Lots of stuff....
Ramsey Electronics...A pretty old electronic company lots of stuff not only LPFM...HAM...LPTV....
A very nice place to see the specs on almost any FM transmitter!
WWRB...Nice site...they Webcast their station.
KRGE...Also nice site, they have a webcasting ring that you can join into.
Howard Lute...This guy knows a lot about radio. So if you have a question give him a buzz.
Max.Transmitters...A new company that a young guy started just as a hobby business! check out the Max-1 and Max-2!
The FRN...A very good place for all the latest happenings in LPFM and other pirate radio stuff including SW!
Radio 4 All...Another good place for Pirate Radio news! If the FRN doesn't have it then these guys probably will!
Broadcast Services...a place to swap radio equip. and a place to find out more new news!
G0mqi's website, an offshore radio website!

I am 14 years old and own a pirate radio station. Well sort of. I started to build my North Country Radio Mpx96 when I was 11. About two weeks after I finished it, my dad announced to me that we were going to be moving over seas! Currently I have lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for two years! We have about six more months from Januray 2001. So it won't be that much more longer that I will be reunited with my transmitter! The reason that I couldn't bring it over here is because it is totally illegal and I could even be deported if the government found out! So for the past few years that I have been living over here I have been trying to learn as much as I can over the internet and in books about FM transmitting! For the short time that I was on the air, I was broadcasting under the call sign KAOS-FM on the freq 91.1 When I grow up I want to be a Electrical Engineer in the RF field and live in Wyoming!

An average day in the life of MAX!

Pictures of me and my radio station! 1st pic 2nd pic 3rd pic

Do NOT push me more than once..........or else!

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