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Oh my pirate equipment list know what im saying mannn!!!!!!!!!!!

Pirate Radio List 1. Veronica FM PLL Pro III - Cost: 235 Pounds, Already Built and Tested 235.00 GBP = 341.173 USD Type: VHF/FM PLL wideband modulation Frequency Coverage: 87.0 to 110 MHz Frequency Generation: frequency wideband osc/doubler Frequency Correction: Phase Locked Loop Synth. Frequency Stability: Plus/minus 1KHz (crystal controlled) Full RF power out: 40 watts min Low power setting: 15 watts Harmonic Rejection: -50dB down (6 pole lpf) Spurious: -70dB down on carrier S/N ratio: -80dB down on line level Pre-emphasis: None, 50 uS, 75uS switchable Unlock power down: lock detect/overide jumper fitted Audio performance: Less than 0.2% distortion, 20Hz-75KHz Amplifier stage: BLW60C single stage PA stability: Stable through 20:1 swr, all phases PA ruggedness: 20:1 swr withstand at full power PA efficiency: 80% Polarity protection Full crowbar fused power input Audio input: 0.775 V rms for +/- 75 KHz Supply Voltage required: 13.8 Volt DC regulated Supply Current requirement: 6amp cont Cooling system: 80mm fan depression cooling Fan electrical suppression Fully Mounted and in a whip nut case! Picture: Availability: Secure Order Site from is available at
2. Comet CFM-95-SL - Cost: $109.95 A broad band tunable collinear vertical antenna for use with any of our transmitters. 200 watt power handling capability. 3.4 dB gain. Tunable throughout the entire 88-108 MHz band Picture: Availability: Available at by emailing
3. Power Supply - Cost: $39.95 -8AMP PS-8K -13.8 VDC regulated Availability: Available at by emailing
4. Veronica Pro II Crystal Controlled Stereo Encoder Cost: 18.475 Pounds 18.475 GBP = 26.8220 USD Picture: Availability: Secure Order Site from is available at Total: $ 517.895