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and how they affect our lives

by: Tracy Porter

Copyright 1996

With the exception of the equal house system where each house in the horoscope is divided equally into 30 degrees, most house division systems used by astrologers today are mathematically designed to allow for a variance of house size. When a house is composed of more than 30 degrees there is a likelihood that it will have one sign intercepted within it- that is, an entire sign is sandwiched inside the house.

While many astrologers tend to differ on the significance of intercepted houses, most agree that these houses have special significance in the chart and should therefore be interpreted differently from other houses. An intercepted house contains elements of the sign directly on the cusp and the sign inside, and many have also experienced influences of the third sign which is actually on the cusp of the following house, if the two previous signs have been activated and transcended through spiritual evolvement. Intercepted houses never appear singly in a chart, but in pairs. That is, opposing houses will be intercepted forming an axis so that any circumstance affecting one house will consequently influence its compliment. This also applies to the theory that the two signs or houses which lie on an axis possess qualities of each other, so any transit or progression affecting one house will also affect the house opposing it.

The Aries/Libra or First/Seventh House Axis

If your Aries/Libra or first/seventh house axis is intercepted in your horoscope then people around you are likely to find that you have a very complex personality which can be very difficult to understand, while you may have alternately observed that those who you tend to form close alliances with are very complicated themselves. You may find that your lifestyle has or will change in a major way at least once, and this change in circumstances is likely to be directly linked to a marriage, divorce or partnership. It is very likely that you will consequently go through some rather profound transformations, and persons who knew you when you were young will consider you to be completely different in later years.

Partnerships will be very important to you as you develop several multifaceted relationships which give you the stimulus you need. At least once during the course of your life you will find that an adversary will have such a profound impact on you that it will forever change the way you view the world. Although this experience may be deeply unsettling, it will help you to fully understand the true meaning of friendships from those who stand by you in your time of need.

Taurus/Scorpio or Second/Eighth House Axis

If your Taurus/Scorpio or second/eighth house axis is intercepted you will view money and possessions in a very compulsive manner which others may have difficulty fully understanding. You will begin earning money at an early age and acquire wealth in a variety of ways because you are not content to have just one source of income. You may also change your career at least once, and this is likely to profoundly change your standard of living. Many career changes are likely to bring about a loss of income, at least initially, so you may find yourself in a financial depression while you are working on establishing yourself in your new line of work.

An inheritance or unsolicited gift will play an important role in your life because the money you receive will affect your lifestyle as you will be able to do things which had previously been beyond your means. Because nothing in this world is free and an exchange of energy must come with everything which you receive, it is essential to ensure that all unearned wealth is acquired honestly; otherwise any deceptive ventures will ultimately be uncovered to expose breeches of trust.

A piece of property will take up many of your thoughts because you have a strong desire to own your own home. This wealth will carry with it responsibilities as it may be acquired through a marriage, partnership or inheritance. You will inevitably encounter individuals in your daily life who invoke those elements which are compulsive in your nature, and will have some rather extreme power struggles with these persons who you are for some reason unable to from break away from. There will be at least one person in particular who you will be totally obsessed with because he seems to have such a great influence on how you see yourself. Although you may dislike this person intensely for the feelings which are aroused in you whenever he is nearby, you will feel a great void when he does actually leave your life and moves on.

Gemini/Sagittarius or Third/Ninth House Axis

If your Gemini/Sagittarius or third/ninth house axis is intercepted you will likely have been bitten by the wander bug as you desire to travel and acquire knowledge through your life experiences.

Because you need a lot of freedom, you may select a vocation which keeps you out of an office or any other highly regimented vocation. Even if you must work indoors, you may decide to enter academia, philosophy or religion to enable you to study and impart knowledge to others. You may initially decide to enter the secretarial or administrative fields because this will allow you to perform a wide variety of tasks and utilize your short term thinking processes without easily becoming bored. After a while, however, you may find that other opportunities will open up to you that will allow you to travel, train or expand your knowledge in some other way.

While you are a spiritual person, you are not normally dogmatic about your beliefs and do not expect others to view the world as you do. Because you are not content to accept traditional explanations for any religious belief system, you will tend to ask many philosophical questions which put your primary certitude under scrutiny and may consequently cause you to change your religious beliefs several times as you struggle to fully understand the complexities of the universe in which mankind lives.

Cancer/Capricorn Axis or Fourth/Tenth House Axis

If your Cancer/Capricorn or fourth/tenth house axis is intercepted you will have a private life which seems to be intricately interwoven with your public image. Although we are told throughout our lives that one should not bring his personal problems to work and conversely his difficulties at work into the home, you will find this very difficult because your career is so closely aligned with your inner feelings of security. You are one of those individuals who actually finds solace in a fulfilling line of work, so if your career is suffering it will be very difficult for it not to affect your private life. It is possible that you will have at least two major moves during the course of your life which may also involve a career change.

Your parental upbringing will greatly influence you because the persons who acted as mother and father to you will have played a major role in the development of attitudes you carry regarding career, home and family. You may spend many years feeling insecure and believing that you have no true home, but this uneasiness will subside as you slowly begin to realize that security lies within yourself and not through other people, places or things.

Leo/Aquarius or Fifth/Eleventh House Axis

If your Leo/Aquarius or fifth/eleventh house axis is intercepted you will find that you develop some rather illusive friendships in an attempt to feel as if you belong. Because many of the persons you come into contact with are not quite compatible with you character, you may at times feel somewhat depressed as you seek a group of people who you feel comfortable with. This sequence of friendship building through trial and error is a valuable testing ground for you as you slowly gain confidence and begin to realize who your true friends are.

Holidays will be very important to you as you have an innate desire to have fun and enjoy yourself in your free time. Even if you are unable to travel abroad, you will relish those day trips which help you to break free from day-to-day living which can be so confining to you. Much of your free time will be devoted to leisure activities such as sightseeing, walking the dog or lavishing affection on the one you adore. You are likely to have at least one rather torrid love affair in your life which will help you to clarify those attractive persons who you should get to know better and those who are better left alone.

Pets are paramount figures in your life. Even if you personally donít want the responsibility, your partner may convince you that he or she wonít be happy until these loving souls are able to enter the home. If your partner is unable to sway you into getting a family pet, then you may alternatively have an addition to the family in the form of a child.

Virgo/Pisces Axis or Sixth/Twelfth House Axis

If your Virgo/Pisces or sixth/twelfth house axis is intercepted it may take you quite some time to find a line of work which you find to be fulfilling. This disillusionment you feel in your day-to-day routine is destined to force you to question your spirituality and seek answers of a rather esoteric nature to help you better understand the life role you were born into.

You are an old soul who has experienced much in lives past and will find yourself bumping into people who you knew long ago. These rekindled friendships will add meaning to your life and keep you going during those times when you feel overwhelmed with trials.

Unfortunately, you will learn from experience that you must continually question the motives of those you meet casually because many will have agendas which are at cross purposes to your own. While secret enemies abound, these encounters will help you learn to keep your own council and look beyond the veil of the outer persona when judging a personís true character.

You will in all probability have a part-time job or business in addition to your primary vocation which will bring you a little extra money as well as help to fulfill some of your self actualization needs.

You may at times feel as if you have heavy burdens because you will find that you have many obligations and responsibilities which keep you firmly grounded to the earth. While it can be depressing to find that you must tend to your day-to-day duties while it seems that others around you have much more free time, you will be able to find solace in quiet mediation which will enable you to further develop your inner world.