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  "To become a global movement of reconciliation, restoration,
  and hope for all persons affected by poverty, crime, drug

  abuse, broken relationships and the bondage of sin."

1. Defending and Providing for the needs of the poor and homeless. 
 2. Orphanages, Food Banks and Feeding Centers.
 3. Drug rehabilitation for substance abusers.
 4. Crime reduction and after-care program for ex-convicts.
 5. Save the Children program for children ages 5-19.
 6. Foreign Missions.
 7. Leadership Training.

Great Commission Ministries Intl. 
World Headquarters
16 Wulff Road
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 325-5801, (242) 325-0288
Fax: (242) 356-5027

COPYRIGHT 2002 - Great Commission Ministries Intl 

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