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Mr. Yuk style electric igniters with pictures

Acetone Peroxide and Acetone Peroxide/Aluminum Tests

Pyrotechnic Formulas and Compositions

Mr. Yuk's Favorite HE compositions....Coming soon

How to make stars....Coming soon

Dextrin....Coming soon

Caramel Candy....Coming soon

Black Powder....Coming soon

Flash Powder....Coming soon

Aerial Bombs....Coming soon

BP Rockets....Coming soon

Aerial Shells made easy....Coming soon



Some pyrotechnics I made for a movie.

This is Dextrin.  It is used to bind stars, in rockets, and black powder.

These are blasting caps that I made from 3/8 diameter PVC pipe.  The can hold 5g of pressed AP/Al.

These are some useful tools I'd thought I would throw in.  Squeegees are great for mixing and cutting compositions into stars and mixing, so are putty knives.  Plastic cutting sheets are great too.  You can mix, cut, roll, and pour.

Homemade Blasting caps.

APAN devices

Yet another APAN device...