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Studies have found that psoriasis is somewhat more prevalent in people with blood type O who eat grains and dairy, or, by eating grain-fed meat. This may be primarily due to the blood type O's genetically hyperimmune system. Psoriasis is known to be an autoimmune disorder. People with psoriasis have been found to have a higher incidence of arthritis, which, again, is more prevalent in people with blood type O.

Another possibility concerning psoriasis is an underactive thyroid. Low thyroid function is known to cause acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin disorders, in addition to a myriad of other problems. The best way to initially determine a hypothyroid condition is by checking the basal temperature. It has been recommended that the temperature be taken under the arm first thing in the morning - without much movement - for 10 minutes. This was to be recorded for 5-7 days in a row. It has now been found that a more optimal method would be by taking the oral temperature every 3 hours, 3 times a day, 3 hours after you wake up; then adding them all together and dividing by 3 to get the average basal temperature. This, also, is to be done 5-7 days in a row. If the temperature is below 97.5F, then a hypothyroid condition should be considered. Either method should give you an indication, one way or the other. Once a hypothyroid condition is suspected, THEN, it may be of benefit to have a thyroid panel done. (please review my indepth information on this in the THYROID topic)

It has been found that an overburdened liver may result in an accumulation of toxins in the colon; which may result in the development of psoriasis. Research has found that, periodically, it is a very good idea to detox the system using a variety of liver cleansing herbs. Milkthistle, artichoke, sarsaparilla (an adaptogen that is known to both calm inflammation and be of benefit in chronic, large-plaque forming psoriasis), burdock, yellowdock, Oregon grape root(known to reduce inflammation, slow abnormal cell growth, and help the liver metabolize toxins), and dandelion root are all good detoxifying, liver tonic herbs. The use of one or several of these herbs in combination three times a day for several weeks has been suggested. Several sources recommend supplementing with dessicated liver extract an hour before each meal.

Other herbs that have been found to be beneficial when dealing with psoriasis are:

Probiotics are another extremely beneficial supplement recommended for psoriasis. Research has shown that a very large percentage of psoriasis patients have the presence of fungal colonies in their digestive system and on their skin. Candida has been found to be responsible for nail problems, and also problems in between the fingers and toes. By treating a yeast infection, skin inflammation has often decreased. Resources suggest that the best probiotic would be a combination containing L. acidophilus, Bifido bacterium, L. bulgaricus, L.casei, and sacchromyces boulardii. Acidophilus and bifidus are very important, as they are known to repopulate the system. L.casei is a transient strain, but, while it is present, enhances the production of bifidus. Studies have found that the best probiotic supplement is either free-dried and shelf stable, or refrigerated, with as high a count of live organisms per serving as possible. It is known that an overdose of probiotics is nil, especially considering the probable bacterial imbalances created by health disorders. During a time of active disorders, sources recommend taking probiotics three times a day on an empty stomach, if possible. My personal experience, in addition to those of my clients, has revealed that it is very beneficial to take at least 2 capsules three times a day for at least a month; then reduce the dosage to one capsule three times a day indefinitely. As a good preventative therapy, taking one twice a day may be the best. Despite prevention, it is always important that you BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU EAT... GRAINS, FRUITS, STARCHES,AND SUGARS CAN CAUSE THAT IMBALANCE TO RESURFACE!

Other beneficial supplements that have been researched are: