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Cervical cancer is another hormone related cancer. If cellular changes are diagnosed in the cervix, there is time to re-evaluate your health and lifestyle and treat the immune system.
-- Temporary changes in the cervical cells can be caused by infection or inflammation of the cervix.

Some Factors in Cervical changes:
--The earlier in the teenage years a woman commences sexual intercourse, the higher the risk.
--The more sexual partners, the higher the risk.
--Certain viruses (HPV)increase the likelihood of cervical cancer.
--The use of oral contraceptives can depress immunity Ė predisposing one to cervical changes.
--Low levels of vitamin A,C,E,folic acid, selenium, zinc, and beta carotene have been associated with cervical changes.
--Women with partners who work with chemicals such as tar, machine oil, dust, asbestos, coal and metals are at a greater risk, if their hygiene is poor.

Things to do if you have an abnormal pap smear:
--Have an excellent diet. Cut out sugar; cut down on caffeine; no processed foods (flour, rice, bread, pasta, etc); take extra C,B6,A, E, iodine, selenium, and zinc.
--Women taking 10mg. of folic acid daily for three months have been found to be able to reverse moderately severe cervical changes.
--Stop smoking --Exercise, get fresh air, allow time for rest and relaxation and get enough sleep.
--Donít drink tap water Ė no chlorine or fluoride.

Things to do to prevent cervical cancer:
--Use a condom to protect the cervix from genital warts, herpes, trichomonas, and even sperm. It is significant that cancer of the cervix is about 4 times lower in women whose partners have had a vasectomy.
--Practice exceptionally good hygiene, especially if you donít use a condom and your partner works with any of the risk chemicals.
--Avoid the pill.
--Stress and unresolved emotional problems can also undermine your immune system.

It is important to remember that cancer is a systemic condition and regardless of where it is found, it is an indication that the bodyís defenses are compromised. This is why it is important to strive for a healthy lifestyle and immune system.

Another thing to keep in mind is a study that came to the conclusion that many healthy women were being incorrectly told that they were ďat riskĒ, and were being investigated for disease that would never have troubled them. Those women were left with problems that included lasting worries about cancer, difficulties obtaining life insurance, their future reproductive abilities. In other words, donít get upset if told that you have precancerous changes. Step up your healthy lifestyle, try to de-stress, deep breathe, meditate, exercise, laugh, have fun, eat well. Use much common sense. The goal is to have 3 consecutive pap smears that are negative. Worry if you have 3 that are questionable. There are also tests specifically for HPV. It is a good idea to have this test in addition to your PAP. For total peace of mind, it is always recommended to have the AMAS test done. This detects any cancerous cells in the body.

Try to incorporate some of the other dietary and supplemental suggestions mentioned in the general cancer suggestions found on this website.

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(The above information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat illness. Information is from the same sources the "general" cancer suggestions)