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The Story Of The "Flying Farmer"

  I guess this whole thing started when I was just a kid watching Evel Knievel do his bone breaking stunts. As I grew older, I began doing stunts stunts of my own. When I was in High School, I would go out "hunting"in my Dad's 1974 Chevrolet pickup. I think that poor old pickup spent as much time in the air as it did on it's wheels. I found one set of railroad tracks that became my favorite jumping spot. I suppose I'd better not tell you where.
    After High School, I started jumping in a legal manner. I entered a "Jump Of Death" contest at the North Dakota State Fair and won it. I was officially hooked.
    In the spring of 1992 I jumped off a dirt ramp in our field near Makoti, North Dakota. I was attempting to set a world record. I didn't even come close to setting a record, but I did manage to roll my car 4 1/2 times. A reporter from the Minot Daily News was there and he dubbed me "The Flying Farmer" and it stuck.
    Then I began doing a variety of different jumps. I have jumped overcars, vans and bales. I have jumped into cars, and burning pyamids of cars. I have even jumped onto a frozen lake.
    In 1996, I set my first Guinness World Record at the I-94 Speedway in Fergus Falls, MN. The record is for the highest average speed driving non-stop in reverse for over 500 miles. In 13 hours and 48 minutes, I went 501 miles at an average speed of 36.3 mph.
    My second Guinness World Record came in 1999 at the I-94 Speedway in Sauk Centre, MN. My son, Brian, joined me when I drove 851 1/4 miles in 24 hours, in reverse, setting the record.
    I would like to thank my sponsor: Pete's Tractor Salvage in Anamoose, North Dakota. (1-800-541-7383). I would also like to thank my poor wife, Melinda, who I have literally tortured with my career choice. And a special thank you to the fans of "The Flying Farmer".


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