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Irregular U & W-verbs Quiz

What is the simple past of the verb? Click the right answer.

  • to teach       =>       taught
  • to think       =>       thought

  • U-Verbs

    1. to understand
    2. to undertake


    1. to wake
    2. to wear
    3. to weep
    4. to win
    5. to write


    Rewrite the sentences in the affirmative form

  • I didn't see the teacher yesterday.
  • I saw the teacher yesterday.
    1. They didn't understand the lesson very well.

    2. This morning, my cat didn't wake me up at dawn.

    3. He didn't wear his new suit.

    4. Our team didn't win the championship.

    5. I didn't write the letter as promised.


    Irregular Verb List