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Irregular B-Verbs Quiz

What is the simple past of the verb? Click the right answer.

  • to be       =>       was / were

    1. to bear
    2. to become
    3. to begin
    4. to bend
    5. to bet
    6. to bite
    7. to blow
    8. to break
    9. to bring
    10. to build
    11. to burn
    12. to burst
    13. to buy


    Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense
    1. Last weekend, my brother and I (be) at the zoo.      
    2. My little brother (break) his new tablet last night.     
    3. I (buy) the tablet only two days ago, .     
    4. The crazy old man (burn) his car to ashes.     
    5. They (build) the bridge when I was out of the city.     

    C, D & E - Verbs                                   F, G & H - Verbs

    Irregular Verbs List
    Infinitive - Simple Past - Past Participle - Gerund - Simple Present - French