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      No one can be credited with this invention. In England around 1889, William Friese-Greene (1855 - 1921) produced moving pictures of a London Street scene which could be projected onto a screen, while in America, Thomas Alva Edison (1847 - 1931) concentrated on his kinescope. This very early coin-operated machine presented a series of small photographs to the viewer as he rotated a handle, giving the impression of a moving picture.

  1. COMPREHENSIONCheck your comprehension

    1. Answer the following questions about the paragraph.

      1. What nationality was William Friese-Greene?

        He was English.

      2. What does "This invention" (line 1) refer to?

        Moving Pictures

      3. Who invented the kinescope?

        Thomas Alva Edison

      4. When did W. F. Greene invent "The moving Pictures"?

        Around 1889

      5. How old was Thomas A. Edison when he died?

        Eighty four (84)