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It is said that 75 Million years ago Xenu and his consorts were imprisoned “forever” in a vault that had been carved within Mount Xenu on planet Tawn.



A “perpetual battery” maintained the fallen Emperor’s body and spirit in a state of stasis, where he would never age, would never move and would be left alone brooding over his crimes without the possibility to ever occupy himself with anything beside his own thoughts.


To make any liberation attempt utterly impossible for his remaining worshippers, a monstrous bomb was constructed and exploded deep within the bowels of the old Volcano that was Mount Xenu. The fantastic explosion reached all the way to the iron core of the planet. For months and months the volcano spewed unspeakable amounts of vaporized iron, until both oceans and atmosphere were utterly consumed and the entire surface of the planet had turned red from the ferrous oxide fallout.

The Plume of Poisonous Iron Vapour escaping from Mount Xenu