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Xenu was thinking.


There was nothing else he could do.


For the trillionth time, he imagined his powerful fist hitting with all its might the slab he was resting on: “You will pay for this! Rawl I don’t care how, I don’t care when, I don’t care where, but you will, Oh yes You will., Oh Yes You will!”


Unlike the consorts that shared his fate in the same room, a mixture of continuous and intense Rage and Hatred had prevented Xenu’s mind from decaying into a state of oblivion.


His companions, Chi, Xu and Otar had long become utterly catatonic and were for all intents and purposes no different that the marble bed their bodies rested on.


This time he actually heard the noise of his fist hitting the marble slab and the resulting pain.


It took the fallen Emperor several minutes to finally comprehend what was happening…



Since no Angel or Demon was waiting to whisk him away, he concluded that he was not at the end of time and that somehow the “perpetual battery” had just died.


Elated, he disconnected one by one the now useless electrodes from his head, his arms and his legs, and pried open the dusty glass cover above him.


At long last he took his first breath of air in the deeply musty atmosphere of the room.


Slowly and methodically, he surveyed the vault. There were a lot of smaller details he couldn’t make out due to the dim and intermittent light that was emanating from somewhere above.  


In what he could make out so far, everywhere the ravages of time were obvious. A tick coat of dust had accumulated on every surface. Many of the ceiling and wall tiles had collapsed on the floor.


A multitude of unidentifiable objects were scattered over the floor in complete anarchy. Thinking about his long gone army of servants and maids he mentally summoned them to the Vault, and imagined their speechless faces as he evilly roared: “You are Fired!”


Satisfied with his self-display of Power, Xenu laughed long and hard.


Feeling suddenly adventurous and marveling at the fact that he felt physically not a day older than the moment he had been imprisoned, Xenu got up and started to explore the room. The intermittent glow from the failing light gave a surreal ambience to the room. He bumped into a dark brown and soft object, only to watch what had once been a steel cart, crumble into a useless pile of brown flakes.


He walked toward a large window and after washing away some of the caked dust from the glass plane, looked speechless at the fantastic landscape that stretched desolate and eroded in every direction.


The desolation surrounding Mount Xenu today




Recoiling in horror for a moment, the evil Emperor wondered if he not been moved to another planet, but realized the horrible truth of his immediate fate soon enough.


He remembered Tawn with fondness. At its Equator, temperature had been absolutely exquisite, never too hot, never too cold, contrarily to its neighbor Teegeack, which could get unpleasantly hot at times.


Its temperate climate allowed Tawn to have an abundance of vegetation, but very few pests and insects. Mount Xenu, the tallest Mountain, not only on Tawn, but within the entire Confederation of planets, had been surrounded by the prettiest of Gardens. But thick solidified lava flows now covered the once paradisiacal plain that now formed the same surreal landscape in every direction.


Realizing the futility of an escape on a planet where the atmosphere had obviously become either poisonous or non-existent, Xenu turned his attention to the remaining rooms within the Vault.


In the first room, the computers turned out to be more than useless. As Xenu tried to activate a console switch, he found his finger, hand and entire arm passing through the keyboard, the console and finally the entire desk in quick succession, encountering no resistance, as if they were made of the flimsiest of gossamers.


He let out a yell of surprise as he found himself tumbling ignominiously face down into the dirt amidst a thick cloud of smoke.


The next room, if different, was not any more usefull. Every Machine had welded itself to whatever surface it had come in contact with. Everything was petrified and undistinguishable from solid stone.


The remainder of the facility contained either broken or petrified remnants and was as useless as the rest.


Moved more by a morbid sense of curiosity than an actual desire to help, he finally turned toward his companions.