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High quality decals for the armour modeller in all scales. The decals are made after thr real markings and are very precise in shape and size. Welcome to the online store.

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  1:72 scale

BBD-72001 Tiger I on the Eastfront.

BBD-72008 Balkan Armour.

BBD-72009 US Shermans in Normandie. - Available again - NEW instructions added.

BBD-72011 Tigers of s.SS-Pz.Abt. 101.

BBD-72012 StuG III Ausf G. - SOLD OUT

BBD-72014 Iwo Jima.

BBD-72015 Jungle Armour.. Br. and Indian Army Shermans in the Far East.

BBD-72016 German Tanks in Italy - 1943-44. - REPRINTED - new reprint available now .

BBD-72017 British Sherman Mk II in North Africa.

BBD-72018 British Sherman Mk III in North Africa.

BBD-72019 British Tanks in North Africa. - SOLD OUT

BBD-72020 British Tanks in Italy.

BBD-72021 British Sherman Firefly.

BBD-72022 French 2eme DB Shermans.

BBD-72023 Opel Blitz + generic truck markings. - SOLD OUT

BBD-72024 Panzers in the Bocage. - SOLD OUT

BBD-72025 US Sherman Tanks in NW Europe 1945.

BBD-72026 Cromwell and Centaur in WW2 (#1).

BBD-72027 Cromwell and Centaur in WW2 (#2). RMASG - Royal Marines Armoured Group.

BBD-72028 Hungarian Tanks in WW2 (#2).

BBD-72029 Bulgaria 1939-44.

BBD-72030 East European Tanks in 1945.

BBD-72031 Suez Crisis 1956 - British and French Armour.

BBD-72032 To the Last Bullet (#1)

BBD-72033 To the Last Bullet (#2)

BBD-72034 Czech Hetzers in Prague 1945.

BBD-72997 British NWE Special Pack #1. - SOLD OUT

BBD-72998 British NWE Special Pack #2

BBD-72999 British NWE Special Pack #3


Many hobby shops have closed down and others do not import as many products as before,
thus making it harder for the modellers to find the not so big brands from their usual sources.
So to make it more easy for you to get your hands on the Bison decals (in all scales), I've decided to re-open
the on-line shop, and from October 2010 you can buy decals directly from me again.
See the
'Ordering and Contact' section for more info.

Trade enquires are welcommed . E-mail me directly for more details. Or contact any of the distributors.

News ooo About Bisono oo 1:35 decalso oo 1:48 decals ooo 1:72/76 decals ooo Ordering and Contact

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