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For those of you who don't know what Academic Decathlon is...

        Academic Decathlon, commonly known as Acadec, is a competition that tasks all aspects of the mind. In other words, it is a mental sport. While a physical decathlon test an athlete's abilities in 10 events, Acadec tests the decathlete in 10 mental events, including 7 tests, speech, essay, and interview.
        For those of you who are involved with Acadec, you know how it can change you. The quietest Sophomore can be transformed into the most loud self-assured Senior with only two years of Acadec. Acadec not only boasts your self-esteem, it also strengthens your study habits and prepares you for college.
        Sounds like fun; huh? Actually... it is. You will forever remember the friendships and experiences you had in Acadec for the rest of your life. What starts as a group of twenty strangers becomes a group of 20 friends by the end of the year. Few other extracurricular activities can influence and benefit students in the way that Acadec has done for us. We hope you enjoy looking at our memories, as much as we did making them.



Carlos, Linda, Dessislava


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