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The HTML On/Off Switch For MSN TV

What is a HTML On/Off Switch?

A friend of mine described it this way:
Have you ever come across eMails that take forever and a day to load? You're sitting there quietly checking your eMail while the baby sleeps and WHAM! "You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog" comes blaring through and jumps the Weeebie Jeebies out of you and whoever is sleeping. Ooops, and you were sneaking into the eMail that the other half did not know about but does NOW! That is why we need the HTML On/Off Switch.

The Reasons We Need The HTML On/Off Switch For MSN TV:




The list is endless. But if you had a way to turn the HTML off in e-mail and newsgroup posts you may be able to protect yourself from a malicious person who wants nothing more than to cause you harm.

It sounds too good to be true!
Yep. But it's not!

The HTML On/Off Switch would shut the HTML off for you in MSN TV newsgroups and e-mail. For instance, if the HTML On/Off Switch (Button) was added to the sidebar or in "Settings", once it's activated the user would be able to turn off the HTML in ALL newsgroup posts he or she wants to read and then only the text would show up. If the user wanted to view images or listen to music attached to posts, they could by clicking "HTML ON".

If you've ever been trapped in a post that has a midi playing (Don't forget the dreaded RAMS), along with huge image files, that are hot-linked all over the web, you'll understand the need for an On/Off Switch for HTML.

Do you think it's about time MSN TV (formally WebTV) has an On/Off button for HTML?
I do.

And that's why I'm asking you to help get the HTML On/Off Switch to become a "New Feature" for MSN TV.
Just take the poll below and I'll send the final poll results to MSN TV and hopefully we can get this idea to become a New Feature!

If you think the HTML On/Off Switch is a good idea
and you want to tell MSN TV personally
CLICK HERE: Feature Request

If this doesn't work for you, then click the Question Form Link and on that page click "Feature Request".


I would like to thank everyone who voted for the HTML On/Off Switch. The poll has been open for 6 months, and it seems to be an idea that the majority vote by WebTV/MSN TV users welcome with enthusiasm.  The poll results have been sent to MSN TV. They like the idea, and it has been considered as a feature that could be added sometime in the future.  This won't, and can't, happen overnight as these things do take time to develop and implement, but at least the MSN TV users who voted for the switch have spoken and they have been heard.

The poll remains open for anyone still wanting to vote and express an opinion.  There are over 900,000 users out there who may not have heard about the switch idea and need their chance to vote.

I have also added a page of "selected comments," both pro and con, made by those who have voted. If you would like to view them, click here.

Again, I would like to thank all who have voted, and a special thanks to those that have taken the time to send me an email expressing their support for the switch.  It has taken over a year to get this far, and I will continue working on this idea until it someday becomes a reality.  As one voter said in his comment, "This should have been a feature that we had all along."  And I agree.


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