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Perfin Clubs and Societies
Perfinclub Nederland The Dutch Perfin Society.
The Perfins Club The official website of The Perfins Club (based in the USA).
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lochungen The German Perfin Society (in German).
Dansk Perfin Samlerklub Danish Perfin Collectors’ Club
Magyar Perfin Klub The Hungarian Perfin Society (in Hungarian and partly in English).
Hong Kong Security Markings Philatelic Study Group covering Security Markings and Perfins including Forwarding Agents Markings
Online Catalogues
Perfins on the Stamps of Mexico Listing of Mexican perfins with many colour illustrations. By Robert Littrell.
Danske perfiner For den seriøse samler Full illustrated catalogue of Danish perfins, in Danish. Published by Jan Krolak.
Canadian Stamps with Perforated Initials handbook Full illustrated catalogue of Canadian perfins. 6th edition, published by the British North America Philatelic Society.
Perfins on the Stamps of Cuba By Rudy Roy, illustrated in colour, including scans of covers.
Swiss Perfin Catalogue In German, illustrated in colour (link opens an Adobe Acrobat pdf file)
Austrian Perfin Catalogues Online catalogues in German, illustrated in colour.
Perfins on Finnish stamps Copiously illustrated listing of the perfins of Finland.
Romanian Perfins Black and white illustrated listing with identities.
Canadian Perfin Officials On-line illustrated list covering Provincial officials, Provincial departments, Federal departments and Federal officials.
Spanish-Philippines Perfins A listing of stamps of the Spanish Philippines with the three known perfins used.
Australia & NZ Railway Fee Stamp Perfins Illustrated listing of perfins on Australia & New Zealand Railway Fee Stamps.
Private Revenue Perfins of Australia Incorporating Commercial Security Overprints. By Dave Elsmore & David Coath. In colour.
Perfins Catalog of Belgium An online catalogue available for free to members of Perfin Club Nederland.
Hungarian Perfin Catalogue - Update 2011 An update to István Lente's 2007 Hungarian Perfin Catalogue
(The Perfin Society Library holds a copy of the original catalogue, kindly donated by the author)
The Relative Scarcity of Luxembourg’s Commercial Perfins An article on the relative scarcity of the commercial perfin stamps of Luxembourg produced by Allan F. Wichelman in 2004 for the now defunct Luxembourg Collectors Club.
Luxembourg perfin catalogue Produced by the Dutch Perfin Club Nederland.
Perfin Exhibits
Exhibit: AUSTRALIAN PRIVATE PERFINS Six frame exhibit from 1989 by JOHN GRANT illustrated in colour.
Vermeil winner at the Bangkok International 1989
Exhibit: THE OLDEST PERFINS ON AUSTRIAN STAMPS One frame exhibit by VLADIMIR MÜNZBERGER, illustrated in colour.
Exhibit: PERFINS OF AUSTRIAN LEVANT One frame exhibit by VLADIMIR MÜNZBERGER, illustrated in colour.
Exhibit: BULGARIAN PERFINS - BULGARIAN NATIONAL BANK 1901 - 1952 Five frame exhibit by KONSTANTIN PENKOV, illustrated in colour.
Exhibit: PERFINS OF BULGARIAN BANKS One frame exhibit by VLADISLAV BENES, illustrated in colour.
Exhibit: THE PERFINS OF BULGARIA AND GREECE Two frame exhibit by VLADISLAV BENES, illustrated in colour.
Exhibit: PERFINS OF BANK OF GREECE One frame exhibit by VLADISLAV BENES, illustrated in colour.
Exhibit: PERFINS USED ON CZECH AND SLOVAK TERRITORY Five frame exhibit by JULIUS PISA, illustrated in colour.
Exhibit: PERFINS OF GERMAN BANKS One frame exhibit by VLADISLAV BENES, illustrated in colour. Text in Czech and German.
Other Perfin/Overprint Sites
Documentations for the users of Danish perfins Morten Mikkelsen's website with high quality images of proving covers for many Danish perfins.
Perfin Stamps of Australia Includes an exhibit of C of A perfins on GB stamps
Commercial Overprints of Great Britain Mark Matlach's website covering company overprints on GB stamps used for fiscal purposes, including an alphabetical listing of over 1,200 overprint users, with background information for each user, and over 5,000 stamp images.
Waddie's Of Edinburgh The background to an unusual large "SPECIMEN by Waddie's" non-postal perfin. Can you add any more information?
The Perfins Story The story about the terms SPIFS and PERFIN courtesy of Toke Nørby.
British Scout Perfins Information on scout related perfins.
French perfins Text in French.
Hong Kong perfins Many high quality colour illustrations of Hong Kong perfins.
King George V Silver Jubilee A excellent site dedicated to the 1935 Silver Jubilee omnibus stamps of King George V.
Swiss Perfins In German, with many good quality colour illustrations of Swiss perfin items.
Official site of Italian Perfins This site is intended as a landmark for collectors of Italian perfins.
Railroad Perfins of the USA Colour illustrations of the late Dexter C. Wright's collection of rail related perfins on US stamps.
US 1909 Perfins and precancels High quality colour illustrations of USA Perfins & Pre-Cancels on the 1909 Commemorative stamps.
Philatelia General philatelic information, including perfins, on a wide range of countries. A useful starting point for Perfin IDs and patterns, especially for countries with small Perfin usages. Browse through the individual countries to find the perfin information.
Portugese Perfins Colour illustrations of six Portugese perfin items. Text in Portugese.
Early Precancels of Great Britain This website is not specifically about perfins but does have perfin content as it relates to use in conjunction with early precancel use in Great Britain, plus some commercial overprints.
GB Protective Overprints and Underprints Andy Donaldson's site covers some of the alternative security endorsements on GB stamps.
Perfin and Meter Stamps of Mauritius. Colour illustrations and details of perfins and meter marks used in Mauritius.
Chemistry Perfins Colour illustrations and details of perfins from around the world related to chemistry.
General Philatelic Sites
Philatelic Database General philatelic resource.
Stepping Stones CDs of Post Office and trade directories.
Civic Heraldry of England and Wales Compiled by Robert Young. Illustrations of coats of arms of various local councils, past and present - useful for illustrating your local government perfins collection!
Lists of trade directories available for free online, together with some street lists, town guides, road books and topographical and historical works. With thanks to John Copeland who complied these lists, presented here as pdf files:

Provincial England
Channel Islands and Isle of Man