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Meet The Sqwad
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The Slater Sqwad consists of a group of the most ruthless thugs you can imagine. They ride or die for Slater. Out here in Bayside you either get down or lay down nigga. And if you don't think Bayside's gangsta, think about this. Every other gang ran to Compton cuz they didn't wanna get punked by the Sqwad any more. Here's some pictures of them gang banging.

  • [Winslow press conference]

  • [Porter / Cooper / Healy press conference]

  • "The Answer" Allen Iverson, NBA referee Tim Donaghy, Kobe Bryant, A.C. and Rasheed "Just Blaze" Wallace collecting their winnings after the Lakers beat the Pistons 101-63.

    Rasheed "Just Blaze" Wallace, A.C. The Mach, "Has-A-Big-Weenie" Feeny and Sqwad cohort Freeway stackin' paper and shootin' dice.

    After breaking Cassidy out of jail, The Sqwad got they grub on at Pat's Steaks in the city of brotherly love.

    Slater and The Sqwad party it up with the Minnesota Vikings and numerous ho bags on Mildew's boat, Papouli. Daunte Culpepper brought his fishing gear, but he sure didn't come to fish.

    A.C., "The Barbarian", "Young Schweezy", Carlton "Mo Money In The" Banks, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Bobby "Buttkick" Budnick, "J-Tizzle" JT Lambert, and Joey "Whoa" Lawrence hanging out at the local bowling alley.

    Budnick and D-Lips invited A.C. and The Sqwad to Camp Anawanna for the weekend. A.C. brought the RC Cola, "Mildew" and A.I. brought their own beverages.

    The Sqwad rollin' on Gladstone. We Gets Busy.

    A.C., Mike "Agro Crag" O'Malley, Carlton "Mo Money In The" Banks and "The Coach" Gordon Bombay getting loaded in more ways than one.

    Sqwad members on the corner clockin'. Slangin that rock, hustlin', and stackin' paper. Members include Danny "Mildew" Tanner, "The Sarge" Carl Winslow, Rap artist Lil' Flip, Michael "Don't Call Me Mike" Bolton, and "Gunz of All Sorts" Schwartz.

    A.C., "Grimey" Grimace, Bill Nye "The Science Guy", J-Tizzle, and "The Coach" hanging outside of the Bike Mart Supercenter ready to buy some chromies, donuts, and pegs for their rad mountain bikes.

    A.C., Rodge Lodge and Conan gettin' ready to work out their rad pecs at Pec Palace. The ultimate gym for the ultimate rad dude.

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