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Historical Patterns mainly from the 1950's

  This is an update to the version of last fall. Hopefully a little more user friendly. But still not 100% More to come as time permits, email me your comments. For those of you in search of patterns, I don't have any! These are almost all graphics from auction items on ebay. If you're looking for soemthing for the prom, a wedding or other special occasions, I recommend camping on ebay (vintage/patterns) for two or three weeks. I'm sure something you're interested in will turn up.
Ballgowns 1 Jul 01
Ballgowns 2 1 Jul 01
Ballgowns 3 1 Jul 01
Ballgowns 4 1 Jul 01
Ballgowns 5 1 Jul 01
Ballgowns 6 1 Jul 01
Ballet Costume 1 Aug 00
Party Dresses 1 Jul 01
Wedding Dresses 1 Aug 00
Square Dance 1 Aug 00
Poodle Skirts 1 Jul 01
Directory Listing 1 Aug 00

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