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Here you will find the history of the world and hardcore title. And the champs right now.

World Champion: Sidistic Psycho

History: Sidistic Psycho beat Joe Jeckyl , Special Weapon, and Saber in a four way. He put Weapon in his submission and pinned Jeckyl.

History: Joe Jeckyl beat beat Saber for the world title via pinfall.

History: Jacknife was stripped of the title and Saber and Joe Jeckyl fought for the title.Saber won via pinfall.

History: Jacknife beat Biohazard in a hat drawn match.

Hardcore Champion: Dry Ice

History: Dry Ice deafeted Joe Jeckyl via pinfall when he did a flying side kick to Joe Jeckyl.

History:Joe Jeckyl won it from Saber via pinfall. Same night

History: Saber beat Joe Jeckyl via pinfall.

History: Joe Jeckyl beat special weapon via pinfall.

History: Weapon beat Joe Jeckyl via pinfall.

History: Joe Jeckyl creates the hardcore title.