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Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

Zeus first married Metis, the wise goddess. And when it was predicted that Metis was to bear an astounding daughter and a son that would overthrow his father, Zeus swallowed the pregnant goddess in fear that the same fate cast upon his father would be his own. When Zeus began experiencing head pains, he called for Hephaestus, who split the god's head open with an axe. Out of his head sprung a full-grown goddess with bright eyes. She was fully clad in divine armor and was the wisest of the gods. Athena remained Zeus's favorite daughter. She was the Goddess of wisdom, arts and crafts, battle,and the patroness of atheletes. She was a compassionate Goddess, who appeared in many tales, including the one of Odysseus. She invented the flute, trumpet, plough, chariot, and ship. She taught the science of numbers and women's arts. She was a battle goddess, although she doesn't enjoy war. And Athena won every battle , even against Ares. She, like her sister Artemis, took vows of chastity, and never married. The olive tree and owl were sacred to her.