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Well i'm not very clear with the story so bare with me. Okay here we go, A guy name Laguna(guy at the picture to the left) is a soldier in the Deling City who's been lately been seeing this lady, Julia (lady in red dress.) Julia plays the piano at the city's pub. So one day Laguna gets the guts to go and say hi to her, after she finised playing the piano that night she went over and sat by him and they decided to go talk more in her room (i know what your thinking but it's not what u think) So they start talking of their dreams. Laguna wants to be a jornalist and Julia wants to be a singer. So they talk and talk for a while and then that was the end of the first scene of them. Cause of Laguna's job, he journeys far and away. After hearing news of his neice, Ellone, being capture he gose and find her and never returned. After being wounded in his quest to find Ellone he ends up in a peaceful little town call WindHill and never see's Julia again. The last he heard, she got married to the general of Deling City.

Sorry if this doesn't makes senes but it's been a while since i played Final Fantasy 8