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My Favourite Links

         Check out my favourite photography magazine online  

         Want to know more about New Zealand ?
                                 Try this site: 

            1998 Wellington fotofest fringe Exhibitors   

          Absolute Art;  traditional art and photography by various artists.

          A superb online documentary series with some great travel Photos

         The Greek Photo Web  is a great links site to Galleries, Exhibitions,
              Photographers and things Photographic.


         Yoshizo Kawasaki exhibits some glorious photographs of natural impressions in
              his Kawasaki Photographs  site.   

         Mindful Creations   
            Beautiful abstract fine art photographs by artist Joannne Chilton of Nova Scotia.

         National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore has some superb wildlife
              photographs at his personal site.  

         Check out Gary Lackie's North American Wildlife Photographs 

         Try Gax's Cool Links 


         The Waikanae Camera Club site has a great photography links page

         The Nelson Contemporary ARTsite is a showcase of visual arts from emerging
              and established artists in the Nelson region of New Zealand. 

       Some Friends Hompages

      Kaalie's *Home Away from Home*

      Clifton Hill

      Susie Goddess's  *Susies Cloud*