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ABOUT ME - Abdulhakim M. Abdi

Latest Birdwatching & Rare Bird News From The UAE - Ohhhh this is hot news

Read GULF NEWS - The Leading Daily Newspaper of the UAE

List of common birds of the UAE with status & photographs - Check it out

Wildlife of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) - Small country, vast wildlife resources!!

What's the weather at Abu Dhabi????- Bright, cloudy, foggy, rainy, stormy, hot ......

Ornithological Society of the Middle East - Arabian Adventures

African Bird Club - A guide to the birds of this beautiful continent

Oriental Bird club - The Asian way

Birdguides - A birdwatcher's paradise

Sibley & Monroe's List of the Birds of the World - It's long, real long - 9,000+ species

The Birds of Indonesia A not-so-well known country

Dutch Birding Association - One of the best

BIRDS - Conservation, Distribution and Checklists

Birds of Trinidad & Tobago - The Undiscovered Country

World Conservation Monitoring Center

Hong Kong Birdwatching Society - The Gateway to South-east Asia

BirdLine - Swedish Birding

No longer in this world? - Here's a list of all the extinct bird species

Checklist of the Birds of Kenya - Planning a safari?

Checklist of Australian Birds - Magnifique!!!

National Audubon Society - Always informative

A glimpse into the magic of Abu Dhabi
The capital of the United Arab Emirates
Click on the image above for a live streaming video of Abu Dhabi Corniche courtesy of the Higher Colleges of Technology



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