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www.honeybus.net Welcome to the official Honeybus web site last updated 9th May 2005

"The Honeybus website is quite excellent, as finely crafted as their music."
- Paul Cross, Record Collector magazine, December 2002


~ Colin Hare's March Hare and Pete Dello & Friends' Into Your Ears have been reissued by the excellent Spanish label Hanky Panky Records.
These new editions are housed in deluxe digipak replica sleeves and feature the original artwork, brand new in-depth liner notes in Spanish and English (by yours truly), new comments by Colin and Pete, rare and previously unseen photos and complete sets of lyrics. In addition, both CDs feature a number of bonus tracks, none of which have ever appeared together on previous editions.
March Hare features all four of Colin's contemporary non-album single sides: "Grannie, Grannie", "Fighting For Peace", "Didn't I Tell You?" and "Seek Not In The Wide World".
Into Yours Ears is even more impressive, featuring all of Pete's pseudonym singles and no less than three previously unreleased tracks recently unearthed by Pete himself, including the original 1967 demo of "Delighted To See You"! The complete role call of bonus tracks is: "Uptight Basil" (Magic Valley), "Taking The Heart Out Of Love" (Magic Valley), "I'm A Gambler" (Magenta), "Go Away" (Lace), "Working Class Man" (Red Herring), "Tattered Robe" (Magenta), "I'm A Gambler" (Lace), "Delighted To See You" (original demo), "Hold Up, Fold Up" (previously unreleased) and "Texas Candy" (previously unreleased). Pete tells us that the last two titles are out-takes from either the Into Your Ears or Recital sessions and were recently discovered by Pete himself while this project was being put together.
Both CDs are available from www.hankypankyrecords.com who've done a superb job in finally bringing us the definitive editions of these two classic albums.

As always, please feel free to email me if you want to sign up to the Honeybus mailing list or if you have any comments, suggestions or news.
Thanks again for stopping by.

~ Andy

"I felt that mere words would not go far enough in supporting the tremendous efforts you have all made in getting it together. Perhaps this lyrical offering on my part will indicate my total admiration for what you are doing."
~ Ray Cane, September 2002

You're My Best Friend

When sorrows seek to find me, as sometimes they try to do
And all my resolutions start to fail

I quickly go to a place I know
Where the rains don't come and the winds don't blow
And familiar faces welcome me back home

Angelfire, you're my best friend
You bring me pleasure that has no end
Angelfire, you're my best friend

When I stumble on a photograph in a book or magazine
Of a place I knew that's now so far away

My heart goes out to another land
But there's a heaven that's close at hand
And all I have to do is enter there

Angelfire, you're my best friend
You bring me pleasure that has no end
Angelfire, you're my best friend

"We are the dog`s bollocks - who`s buying?"
~ Colin Hare, Eventide Rest Home, Bognor Regis (We care so you don`t have to), August 2002

UPDATES - 09.05.05 New deluxe March Hare and Into Your Ears reissues released
Discography page updated
Photos, cuttings and picture sleeves added to Gallery pages


Buy the She Flies Like A Bird: The Honeybus Anthology and Honeybus At Their Best CDs at Amazon.
Check out Wholenote for Honeybus guitar tablatures.

Many thanks to the good folks at Cherry Smash for providing me with some of the resources and cuttings used on this site.

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Click here for their drummer Andy Morten's diary and photos.
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