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david gray - live at the point [vhs]

david gray - live at the point (US) [dvd]

Buy David Gray 'Live at the point' [VHS] from
Buy David Gray 'Live at the point' [DVD] from

a video recorded at the point depot in dublin, during one of davids best concerts so far. The video features such hits as this years love and shine. The line up for the DVD is,

  • Introduction
  • Sail Away
  • White Ladder
  • Late Night Radio
  • Faster Sooner Now
  • Lead Me Upstairs
  • Babylon
  • The Light
  • We're Not Right
  • Flame Turns Blue
  • This Years' Love
  • Coming Down
  • Shine
  • A Century Ends
  • My Oh My
  • Wisdom
  • Silver Lining
  • Please Forgive Me.
  • The band line up is*,
    david gray- guitar, keyboard and vocals
    clune- piano and percussion
    tim bradshaw- keyboard and guitar
    tom malone- bass

    *not 100% sure this is accurate

a century ends lost songs the EP's 92-94 flesh sell, sell, sell white ladder