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David Gray, born 1970 in Manchester, was to become one of the best singer-songwriter of the 21th century. When David was nine he moved to Wales then moved to Liverpool to go to college. While at Liverpool he started to play in bands, doing mostly punk. When David finished college, he moved to London and was soon signed by two record companies one in the U.K and the other in the United States, this was soon followed by Davids first single in 1992, ' Birds without wings ' which followed by his first album ' A Century Ends ' in the beginning of 1993. Following the release of the his album ' A Century Ends ' David went on a European tour. following the end of this tour, David started to write and record a new album. In 1994, David released his second album ' Flesh '. hower David changed record companies. David's third album ' Sell, Sell, Sell ' was released, in Ireland and England due to Davids increased popularity. With his brillent sounding music and live preformences he became a big hit in Ireland and England. In 1998, David released his fourth album ' White Ladder '. It became an immediate hit in Ireland. In 2001, David released, some more of his songs, in the album ' THE EP'S 92-94 '. No doubt, it will become a hit like so many of Davids song and albums.

a century ends lost songs the EP's 92-94 flesh sell, sell, sell white ladder