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david gray online
[this site is 100% unoffical, and i do not have any contact with david gray]

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Tidal Wave [David Gray Lost Songs]

ink friendly copy - notepad fromat [.txt]

Ever since your fingertips
Ever since your eyes
Talking with the light on
Blue skies

Even If I wanted to
How could I explain
Crashing through my head now this
Tidal wave

All your strangest eyelashes
All your bluest skin
Bring them and I'll meet you in
That room again

Even if I told it true
How could they believe
Crashing in my head now this
Tidal wave

Coming over Waterloo
Dreaming of your hands
Want to run away with you
Foreign lands

Even as I lay with you
Listening to you breathe
Crashing in my head now this
Tidal wave

a century ends lost songs the EP's 92-94 flesh sell, sell, sell white ladder