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Sunday Times Magazine [November 4, 2001] The Pay List 2001

This is an article from the Sunday Times Magazine which gives the 500 top earners in the UK. This includes every one, even the Queen and is not limited to music.

David Gray
Age:33 Earnings: 2 million Sector: Music

Postion 355=David Gray

Looking back, David Gray, the son of a Manchester baker, should be able to laugh. Struggling during the 1990s, at one concert, in 1996, he found his billing on the poster below a BBQ Ribs Sold out sticker. "It was, 'Barbecued spare ribs sold out, David Gray nine o'clock.' We laughed about it," he recalls. His albums flopped, inclusing the optimistically named Sell Sell Sell, and he was dropped by his record company. "Was I doing something so bad that we couldn't even sell 20,000 records? We sold nothing. At times I though to myself, 'Maybe I shouldn't be doing this. It just hasn't worked out,'" Gray told one interviewer. But Gray persevered and it has paid off. His album White Ladder which he self-financed, was released three years ago in Ireland, where he devoloped a bit of a following, and he was picked up by a record label and has now sold at least 4m worldwide. With loyalties pouring in and sales still strong, Gray will have made about 2million in the past year.

The Sunday Times, 4 November 2001

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