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More Bottle Manufacturing Marks

United States

A John Agnew & Son, Pittsburg, PA, 1854-1866
A in a circle American Glass Works, Richmond, VA, 
and Paden City, WV, ca. 1909-1936
A in a circle Armstrong Cork Co., Glass Division, Lancaster, PA, 1938-1968
AB (connected)
AB (connected) Co
A B Co
American Bottle Company, 1905-1917
A & Co. John Agnew & Co., Pittsburg, PA; Indian Queen, Ear of Corn, 
and other flasks, ca. 1854-1892
A B Co American Bottle Co., Chicago, IL, 1905-1930
A B G M Co Adolphus Busch Glass Mfg. Co., Bellville, IL, 
and St. Louis, MO, ca. 1886-1928
A C M E Acme Glass Co., Olean, NY, ca. 1920-1930
A & D H C  A. & D.H. Chambers, Pittsburgh, PA; Union flasks, ca. 1842-1886
AGEE and Agee in script Hazel Atlas Glass Co., Wheeling, WV, ca. 1921-1925
A.G.W. Co. American Glass Works, Ltd., 1880-1905
AGW American Glass Works, ca. 1880
Anchor figure w/H in center Anchor Hocking Glass Corp., Lancaster, OH, ca. 1955
A.R.S. A.R. Samuels Glass Co., Philadelphia, PA, ca. 1855-1872
A S F W W Va A.S. Frank Glass Co., Wellsburg, WV, ca. 1859
ATLAS Atlas Glass Co., Washington, PA, 
and later Hazel Atlas Glass Co., 1896-1965
AVH A. Van Hoboken & Co., Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 1800-1898
Ball and Ball in script Ball Bros. Glass Mfg. Co., Muncie, IN, and later Ball Corp., 1887-1973
Bernardin in script W. J. Latchford Glass Co., Los Angeles, CA, ca. 1932-1938
The Best Gillender & Sons, Philadelphia, PA, ca. 1867-1870
B F B Co. Bell Fruit Bottle Co., Fairmount, IN, ca. 1910
B. G. Co Belleville Glass Co., IL, ca. 1882
Bishop's Bishop & Co., San Diego and Los Angeles, CA, 1890-1920
B K Benedict Kimber, Bridgeport and Brownsville, PA, ca. 1822-1840
Boyds in script Illinois Glass Co., Alton, IL, ca. 1900-1930
Brelle (in script) Jar Brelle Fruit Jar Mfg. Co., San Jose, CA, ca. 1912-1916
Brilliantine Jefferis Glass Co., Fairton, NJ, and Rochester, PA, ca. 1900-1905
C in a circle Chattanooga Bottle & Glass Co., and later Chattanooga Glass Co., 
since 1927
C in a square Crystal Glass Co., Los Angeles, CA, ca. 1921-1929
C in a star Star City Glass Co., Star City, WV, since 1949
Canton Domestic Fruit Jar Canton Glass Co., Canton, OH, ca. 1890-1904
C & Co, or C Co. Cunningham & Co., Pittsburgh, PA, 1880-1907
CCCo C. Conrad & Co. (Beer), 1878-1883
C C Co Carl Conrad & Co., St. Louis, MO, 1876-1883
C C G Co Cream City Glass Co., Milwaukee, WI, 1888-1893
C. F. C. A.  California Fruit Canners Association, Sacramento, CA, ca. 1899-1916
C G M Co Campbell Glass Mfg. Co., West Berkeley, CA, 1885
C G W Campbell Glass Works, West Berkeley, CA, 1884-1885
C & H  Coffin & Hay, Winslow, NJ, ca. 1838-1842
C L G Co Carr-Lowrey Glass Co., Baltimore, MD, ca. 1889-1920
Clyde, NY Clyde Glass Works, Clyde, NY, ca. 1870-1882
The Clyde in script Clyde Glass Works, Clyde, NY, ca. 1895
C. Milw. Chase Valley Glass Co., Milwaukee, WI, ca. 1880
Cohansey Cohansey Glass Mfg. Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1870-1900
CS & Co Cannington, Shaw & Co., St. Helens, England, ca. 1872-1916
C.V. Co No 1 & No 2 Milwaukee, WI, 1880-1881
DB Du Bois Brewing Co., Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1918
Dexter Franklin Flint Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA, ca. 1861-1880
Diamond (plain) Diamond Glass Co., since 1924
The Dictator William McCully & Co., Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1855-1869
Dictator William McCully & Co., Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1869-1885
D & O Cumberland Glass Mfg. Co., Bridgeton, NJ, ca. 1890-1900
D O C Cunningham Glass Co., Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1883-1937
D S G Co De Steiger Glass Co., LaSalle, IL, ca. 1867-1896
Duffield Duffield, Parke & Co., Detriot, MI, 1866-1875
Dyottsville Dyottsville Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA, 1833-1923
Economy in script Trade Mark Kerr Glass Mfg. Co., Portland, OR, 1903-1912
Electric Trade Mark in script Gayner Glass Works, Salem, NJ, ca. 1910
Electric Trade Mark Gayner Glass Works, Salem, NJ, ca. 1900-1910
Erd & Co, E R Durkee E.R. Durkee & Co., New York, NY, post 1874
E R Durkee & Co E.R. Durkee & Co., ca. 1850-1860
Eureka 17 Eureka Jar Co., Dunbar, WV, ca. 1864
Eureka in script Eureka Jar Co., Dunbar, WV, ca. 1900-1910
Everlasting (in script) Jar Illinois Pacific Glass Co., San Francisco, CA, ca. 1904
Excelsior Excelsior Glass Co., St. John, Quebec, Canada, 1878-1883
F inside a jar outline C.L. Flaccus Glass Co., Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1900-1928
F & A  Fahnstock & Albree, Pittsburgh, PA., 1860-1862
F.C.G.Co Falls City Glass Company, Louisville, Kentucky, 1884-1892
F.G.W.  Fairmount Glass Works, Fairmount, Indiana
FL or FL & Co Frederick Lorenz & Co., Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1819-1841
G E M  Hero Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA, ca. 1884-1909
G & H Gray & Hemingray, Cincinnati, OH, ca. 1848-1864 
Gilberds Gilbreds Butter Tub Co., Jamestown, NY, ca. 1883-1890
Greenfield Greenfield Fruit Jar & Bottle Co., Greenfield, IN, ca. 1888-1912
H (w/varying numbers) Holt Glass Works, West Berkeley, CA, ca. 1893-1906
Hamilton Hamilton Glass Works, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1865-1872
Hazel Hazel Glass Co., Wellsburg, WV, 1886-1902
Heinz & Noble Hazel Glass Co., Wellsburg, WV, ca. 1869-1872
Helme Geo. W. Helme Co., Jersey City, NJ, ca. 1870-1895
Hemingray Hemingray Brothers & Co,. and later Hemingray Glass Co.
This mark is rarely seen on bottles, except for some water bottles from the 1920s or 30s. Hemingray is a name most often seen on insulators. The date of operation of this company was 1848-1933. After 1933 the Hemingray Glass Company (Muncie, IN) was taken over and bought out by Owens-Illinois Glass Company.  The "Hemingray" brand continued to be embossed on insulators until 1967 when insulator production permanently ceased there.
F.C.G.Co  Falls City Glass Company, Louisville, Kentucky  1884-1892
F. & J . Heinz F.& J.Heinz was established in 1877. It became the H.J. Heinz Co. in 1888
H. J Heinz H. J. Heinz Co., Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1860-1869
H. J. Heinz Co. H. J. Heinz Co., Pittsburgh, PA, since 1888
HS in a circle Twitchell & Schoolcraft, Keene, NH, 1815-1816
Hunyadi Janos Andreas Saxlehner, Buda-Pesth, Austria-Hungary, ca. 1863-1900
I G Illinois Glass Co., Alton, IL, before 1890
I G Co Ihmsen Glass Co., Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1870-1898
I.G. Co. Ihmsen Glass Co., Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1895
I.G. Co. (monogram) Illinois Glass Co., on fruit jar, 1914
IG Co in a diamond Illinois Glass Co., ca. 1900-1916
Ill. Glass Co. 1916-1929
Improved G E M Hero Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA, ca. 1868
I.P.G. (in diamond) Illinois Pacific Glass Corp., San Francisco, CA, 1925-1930
JAF & Co., Pioneer and Folger J.A. Folger & Co., San Francisco, CA, since 1850
J D 26 S John Duncan & Sons, New York, NY, ca. 1880-1900
J R Stourbridge Flint Glass Works, Pittsburgh, PA, ca. 1823-1828
JSB (monogram) Joseph Schlitz Beverage Co., Milwaukee, WI, ca. 1900
J T Mantua Glass Works and later Mantua Glass Co., Mantua, OH, ca. 1824
J T & Co Brownsville Glass Works, Brownsville, PA, ca. 1824-1828
Kensington Glass Works Kensington Glass Works, Philadelphia, PA, ca. 1822-1932
Kerr in script Kerr Glass Mfg. Co., and later Alexander H. Kerr Glass Co.,
Portland, OR; Sand Spring, OK; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, Ca, since 1912
K H & G Kearns, Herdman & Gorsuch, Zanesville, OH, 1876-1884
K & M Konz & McKee, Wheeling, WV, 1824-1829
K Y G W and KYGW Co Kentucky Glass Works Co., Louisville, KY, 1879-1889
Lamb Lamb Glass Co, Mt. Vernon, OH, 1855-1880
L G Co Lindell Glass Company, St. Louis, Missouri, approx. 1871-1880
Lightning Henry W. Putnam, Bennington, VT, 1875-1890
L I P Lea & Perrins, London, England, 1880-1900
L & W Lorenz & Wightman, PA, 1862-1871
"Mascot" "Mason" and MFG Co Mason Fruit Jar Co., Philadelphia, PA, all ca. 1885-1900
Mastadon Thomas A. Evans Mastadon Works, and later Wm. McCullly & Co.,
Pittsburgh, PA, 1855-1887
MG (slant letters) Maywood Glass, Maywood, CA, 1930-1950
M.G. Co. Missouri Glass Co., 1900
M.G. Co Modes Glass Co., IN, 1895-1904
M. G. W. Middletown Glass Co., NY, ca. 1889
Moore Bros. Moore Bros., Clayton, NJ, 1864-1880
N B B G Co North Baltimore Bottle Glass Co., North Baltimore, OH, 1885-1930
O Owen Bottle Co.
O-D-1 0 & diamond & I Owens Ill. Pacific Coast Co., CA, 1932-1943
Mark of Owen-Ill. Glass Co. merger in 1930
P G W Pacific Glass Works, San Francisco, CA, 1862-1876
Premium Premium Glass Co., Coffeyville, KS, ca. 1908-1914
Putnam Glass Works in a circle Putnam Flint Glass Works, Putnam, OH, ca. 1852-1871
P & W Perry & Wood, and later Perry & Wheeler, Keene, NH, ca. 1822-1830
Queen (in script) Trade Mark
(all in a shield)
Smalley, Kivlan & Onthank, Boston, MA, 1906-1919
R Louis Freres & Co., France, ca. 1870-1890
R & C Co Roth & Co., San Francisco, CA, 1879-1888
Rau's Fairmount Glass Works., Fairmount, IN, ca. 1898-1908
Red with a key through it Safe Glass Co., Upland, IN, ca. 1892-1898
R G Co Renton Glass Co., Renton, WA, 1911
Root Root Glass Co., Terre Haute, IN, 1901-1932
S in a side of a star Southern Glass Co., LA, 1920-1929
S.B. & G. Co. Streator Bottle & Glass Co., IL, 1881-1905
S & C Stebbins & Chamberlain
or Coventry Glass Works, Coventry, CT, ca. 1825-1830
S F G W San Francisco Glass Works., San Francisco, CA, 1869-1876
S & M Sykes & Macvey, Castleford, England, 1860-1888
S.F. & P.G.W. John Wieland's extra pale Cac. Bottling Works, S.F. CA
Southern Glass Works, Louisville, Kentucky 1877-1885
Squibb E.R. Squibb, M.D., Brooklyn, NY, 1858-1895
Standard (in script) Mason Standard Corp. Glass Co.,
and later Standard Glass Co., Marion, IN, ca. 1894-1932
Star Glass Co. Star Glass Co., New Albany, IN, ca. 1860-1900
Swayzee Swayzee Glass Co., Swayzee, IN, 1894-1906
T C W T.C. Wheaton Co., Millville, NJ, since 1888
TS Coventry Glass Works, Coventry, CT, 1820-1824
W & CO Thomas Wightman & Co., Los Angeles, CA, 1880-1889
W C G Co West Coast Glass Co., Los Angeles, CA, 1908-1930
WF & S MILW William Franzen & Son, Milwaukee, WI, 1900-1929
W G W Woodbury Glass Works, Woodbury, NJ, 1882-1900
WT & Co Whitall-Tatum & Co., Millville, NJ, 1857-1935

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