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Just Some of the Sources 
I Use for 


and other Soda Brands

I no longer answer questions on value. These are some of the books I have
 in my own personal reference library. 
 I do not endorse one book 
over another - and make no claims
 to their validity.
~ CokeGirl ~

Listed in random order.

(Hawthorne Books; 1972)

by Cecil Munsey
(This book is out of print, but can sometimes be found on eBay.)

Pepsi:Cola Bottles Collectors Guide by James Ayers "Pepsi:Cola Bottles Collectors Guide"
by: James Ayers
RJM Enterprises
P.O. Box 1377
Mount Airy NC 27030
In full color.

Gives a lot of valuable information regarding all Pepsi bottles, with full color pictures and pricing of each one. 
A lucky find for a source book.

"Pepsi:Cola Bottles & More Collector's Guide Vol 2"

NOTE: Vol 2 does NOT 
contain bottles shown in Vol 1.
ISBN: 0-964-5443-1-8

All new! Vol 2 contains over 1525 bottles in 169 pages. All color enlargements with over 800 items pictured. Included is a combination of over 610 Pepsi embossed, paper label, ACL, etc., plus other Pepsi products. Also featured is over 860 Mountain Dew bottles, plus 55 Mountain Dew competition bottles and cans.

Pepsi...Then and Now by Phillip Dillman and Larry Woestman

"Pepsi Memorabilia... Then and Now"

An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide
By: Phillip Dillman and Larry Woestman

Illustrations: 629 color photos
Pages: 144, soft cover

ISBN: 0764311050 (February 1, 2000)

Pepsi-Cola marked its 100th anniversary in 1998 with much fanfare for the internationally known beverage! This book compiles a fabulous array of Pepsi-related collectibles, shown with a price guide. Items pictured include advertisements, bottles, jewelry, knives, signs, tableware, toys, umbrellas, and watches. Also are items limited in production, test items, early products, and products internationally owned and distributed by Pepsico, Inc. such as Aspen, Jake’s Diet Cola, Devil Shake, Tropic Surf, Skandi, Patio, Kas, Mirinda, Pepsi’s H2OH! line, Teem, Josta, and, of course, Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Slice, Mug root beer, and much more.

"The Encyclopedia of
Coca-Cola Trays
An Unauthorized Collector's Guide
With Prices
by Frank Laughlin

The Enyclopedia of Coca-Cola Trays by Frank Laughlin

"Coca-Cola Girls: 
An Advertising Art History

by: Chris H. Beyer
(Boxed Limited Edition -October 2000)
"B J Summers' Guide to Coca-Cola"
Identifications and Current Values

by: Bobby J. Summers
BJ Summers Guide to Coca-Cola, 4th Edition BJ Summers Guide to Coca-Cola, 3rd Edition
4th Edition 
~ August 2002 ~
3rd Edition
~ September  2000 ~
"B J Summers' Guide  to Advertising Memorabilia"
by: B J Summers
B J Summers' Guide to Advertising Memorabilia
2nd Edition 
~ January 2002 ~
"Collecting Applied Color Label Soda Bottles"
(Third Edition ~ April 2002)
This book can be obtained from the Painted Soda Bottle Collectors Association. 
This guide gives many applied soda brands from A to Z, with levels of rarity and pricing, 
plus a color picture of the labels for each one. 

This Third Edition includes a chapter on Bottling Company History by "me".
For more information about the PSBCA, bi-monthly magazine, The Soda Fizz
and this book  -  CLICK HERE.

1966 King Springs Road
Johnson City, TN 37601

Petretti's Soda Pop Collectibles Price Guide, 2nd Edition "Petretti's Soda Pop
Collectibles Price Guide"

448 pages 2nd Edition
Over 2500 items pictured
ISBN: 1582210144

Published by:
Antique Trader Books
Dubuque Iowa
Write to: Allan Petretti
21 S Lake Dr
Hackensack NJ 07601
This guide includes all kinds of advertising 
(signs, calendars, clocks, trays, lights, thermometers, china and silverware),
anything with a soda brand logo on it.
 Useful in dating articles and includes pictures and prices.
 Includes many rare brands to find.
"Petretti's Soda Pop
Collectibles Price Guide

493 pages 3rd Edition
Over 2500 items pictured
ISBN: 0873495160

Henrich's Guide to Coca-Cola Bottles, 2nd Edition
"Coca Cola
Commemorative Bottles : 
Identification & Value Guide

Coca-Cola Commemorative Bottles
2nd Edition

by: Bob Henrich and Debra Henrich

2nd Edition
(September 2000)
Collector Books
ISBN: 1574321870
1st Edition
Collector Books
ISBN: 1574320408

Commemorative Coca-Cola Bottles by Joyce Spontak

Coca-Cola® Bottles

An Unauthorized Guide
By : Joyce Spontak

Illustrations: 1,105 color prints
Pages: 200,  soft cover
ISBN: 0764305433 (June 1998)

Most of the modern hobbleskirt commemorative Coca-Cola bottles have been produced since 1991, and the miniatures only since 1993. Because they are so recent and so widely available, many people are beginning to collect them. This is the first price guide ever written on the subject that includes color photographs. More than 1,100 color photographs have been used within eleven chapters, and a brief history of the bottles in the beginning will lead you through page after page of Coca-Cola bottle collecting delight. Every bottle from the 3-inch high miniature bottles to the tall 10-ounce bottles have been covered, following their production year by year. All of the details are here, including price ranges.
"Commemorative Bottle Checklist &
Cross-Reference Guide..."
By: Richard Mix
P. O. Box 558
Marietta GA 30061
FAX: 404-422-5649
Mix Guide to Commemorative Coca-Cola Bottles "...featuring Coca-Cola Bottles"

This book lists all commemorative bottles 
by year of issue, and has prices for reference,
and some of the bottles are pictured.

These are also books
that are a MUST
for the collector. 
Mix Guide to other soda bottles, such as Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.
"...featuring Dr Pepper, Pepsi, 7UP, NSDA
& other soda brands
Mountain Dew Collectibles - the book "MOUNTAIN DEW COLLECTIBLES"
with values

Volume 1 ~ 1951-1976

by Bruce Zafft and Tim Tromp


Wilson's Coca-Cola Price Guide

"Wilson's Coca-Cola Price Guide"

(Revised 3rd Edition)
By: Al and Helen Wilson

Illustrations: 2000 photos
Pages: 256, soft cover
ISBN: 0764309838
(October 1, 1999)

This book is filled cover-to-cover with approximately 2,000 bright, color pictures of the most sought-after Coca-Cola products ever made, from advertisements, trays, and bottles to haberdashery, jewelry, and amazing one-of-a-kind novelties, all with prices reflecting today's market. From its earliest offerings to a modern-day selection, Coca-Cola is well represented by this definitive text, which includes many of the rarest pieces from within the Coca-Cola Company's own archives.

The Complete Guide to Pepsi-Cola

"The Complete Guide
to Pepsi-Cola Collectibles"

An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide
By: Bob Stoddard

Pages: 192, hard cover
ISBN: 0-9654016-0-X

This book is the first full color Pepsi-Cola collectible guide ever written.
It contains over 1500 color photographs of Pepsi collectibles ranging from the rare to the interesting.

"The Encyclopedia of Pepsi-Cola Collectibles"
by Bob Stoddard and Robert Stoddard

2nd edition (February 2002)

Divided into four sections — signs, containers, novelties and toys, and paper collectibles — collectors will find everything from early Pepsi trays to cardboard signs, and matchbooks to toys. Features 2,000 individual items with current values, accurate descriptions, rarity ratings, and full-color photographs. Presents a fascinating historical perspective of the Pepsi-Cola Company, including the evolution of their famous logo.

The Encyclopedia of Pepsi-Cola Collectibles by Bob Stoddard


Soda Pop, From Miracle Medicine to Pop Culture
Out of Print

"Soda Pop :
From Miracle Medicine to Pop Culture

by Michael Karl Witzel, Gyvel Young-Witzel

"A delightful coffee-table book and a fine source of information on a pervasive cultural phenomenon."

The Bookwatch
". . . a greatly entertaining book for collectors of Americana, nostalgia lovers, and enthusiast of popular cultural memorabilia."

Most of the books listed here - as well as new ones that I may not have added yet -
are available at - so check out what is there! 


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