Date: Tue, Nov 20, 2001, 9:34am
To: RSMkoatwebtvdotnet
Subject: song


(note: I had to take all my original, colourful cusswords out or else my work server would not pass it on- so frig it!)

Yo -

I really want to come to some agreement on that blinking song. When I first mentioned to you at the brewpub in South Orange that you omitted my name form AllFallLong credits, your reaction was "oh, I'm so embarrassed".

Last week at the studio, you were saying, "I wrote that". What were we doing for 2 to 3 hours that night we wrote that song? What did you think I was doing, watching you? I had really felt good about "OUR FIRST REAL COLLABORATION" that we had both come together with something good.

You had no idea what to do with those lyrics when I started playing around with that chord from Macca's TOO MANY PEOPLE (F6 with open A), then went up a half step to F#m, and tried the lyric/hook "all fall long" with those chords. -magic! Those first two chords establish the entire mood, atmosphere and feel of the song - that IS the friggin'; song. If that was all I contributed, that should be enough to merit a name check ( at least that is always how I treat guest songwriters ). You came up with the Bm, I added going to the D, you thought of going a half step down to Dbm. THAT is real collaboration, my memory deficient friend. My contribution helped form the entire construction of the verses ( I also came up with the A to D#m and also the resolution to an E major at the end of the verse section). I also wrote the C C D part for the (I Want To Hold Your Hand) arrangement-which was also,by the way-my idea.

You did, for the record, write the Bbm/Fm section and the Amajor intro and outro sections by yourself which finished the song without any help from me.

Come on, handsome. Doesn't Krys remember that evening of our working together? What the heck?? I am not used to having my good work taken credit by someone else.

I thought this was the first of many great collaborations, I am proud of that song. Maybe it turns out to be the last. Oh well, that's showbiz, I guess.

-ready to attach my name to showingshadows, playmyselfsomemusic and proudmary,

your loving pal
ya big orifice!