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Chris Breetveldk (or 'Breet' as we lovingly refer to him), has been playing for longer than Donny Osmond has been shaving. Prior to becoming a 'Koot', he amassed these musical-career-milestones: Recorded with professional humorists, THE ROADAPPLES/ RHUBARB'S REVENGE from 1973-1979. First vinyl album, "Confessions of a Big Lanky Dope" was re-released on CD in 1999 by Gear Fab Records and vinyl in 2001 by Comet Records Europe/Gear Fab. Next, THE ROCKIN' BRICKS occupied him between 1980 through '84. The 'Bricks' most notable project was the 1982 (oft-praised) EP: "Having A Wild Week Night", engineered by Andy Wallace (Nirvana, Rob Zombie, Jeff Buckley). Chris also toured the U S of A, performing as RINGO in a 'road-version' of BEATLEMANIA from 1984 to 1987. During this time also drummed (and tiptoed) for TINY TIM for 12 shows, outlasting guitar player, Claude Rains.

Chris's own 'home-brewed' concoction, 'THE BREETLES' recorded their first album, "Squares In Pairs", in 1986, starting a series of recorded works that continues to this day. THE BREETLES signed with Permanent Press Recordings in 2000 for the release of their "Writerscramp" CD, which garnered fine reviews world-wide (AND... which Chris has tried taking to the bank repeatedly!!!). Currently, THE BREETLES 7th CD/album, entitled "Don't Smile", is nearly complete...

Besides the 'Over-The-Fab-Four', Mr. Breetveld is one-third of DUF DAVIS & THE BOOK CLUB (ongoing for the last seven years), whose latest compact disc, "Murdertainment", has been generating terrific word-of-mouth non-sales.... Chris urges you to... "Tell A Friend".

Some of his 'fellow-Kootz' liken the experience of 'playing live' with Breet to that of taking the stage with 'an enthusiastic kid who's had too much chocolate'!!! He is happily married and a resident of Essex County... His knowledge and passion for the classic repertoire that the Kootz perform is 'second to none'.... whether it be on bass or drums... when you see Chris on a gig, you're privy to a 'Classic Koot'!!! THEKOOTZ.COM

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