Page Ten

Me and the retarded kid. If you thought I was kidding about the retarded kid earlier, you were wrong. You still are wrong but in the interest of matching tenses, last sentence you WERE wrong. Every time Lizzy got close to the water he would start laughing hysterically like a small retarded Chinese boy in the middle of nowhere laughs when someone as white as Lizzy gets close to the water. Shut up or I'll murder you like I murdered that sentence. Twice. I don't mean that I murdered the sentence twice, I mean I'll murder you twice. Shut up.

Lizzy and the dog again. I'm too lazy to take it out because it took about 10 years get online in the first place.

The moon hill arch. Earlier there were rock climbers climbing the rocks like rock climbers climbing rocks. Also Eric Minekel's DECAPITATED HEAD.




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