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About DLBS
DLBS -- Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung (or Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin Foundation in English), is a non-profit organization found in Berlin on the 13th June 1986. They restore, conserve and present historical aircraft in a condition ready for flight. The aim of this foundation is to conserve cultural values and patronage of science in the territory of civil aviation.

Photographed by Andreas Zube.
Fleet of DLBS
The current fleet of DLBS consists of 4 different planes. These include the "Berlin-Tempelhof" Junkers Ju-52 (Reg. #D-AQUI), which is the main character of this article, the "Elly Beinhorn" Messerschmitt Me-108 (Reg. #D-EBEI), which is shown on demonstration flights during air-shows only, the two-seater airplane Arado Ar-79, now stored in the museum in Berlin for presentation, and a Dornier Do-27 (Reg. #D-EDNU), which is for pilot training and demonstration flights on air-shows only.

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