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Sakura is a ten year old girl who is in charge of collecting magical cards called clow cards that are to be returned to the clow book, guarded by Kerberos (Kero) the guardian beast. She must sign them, and then she has power over them. On the first day of school a new exchange student named Lee comes. He is a decendent of the clow creator. He want's to take the cards from Sakura, but Sakura is the chosen one who is destined to collect them and return them to the legendary clow book. Eventually Sakura and Li become friends and partners, a new girl named Meilin comes, and she is out to get Li, who is not interested at all. Sakura continues to collect cards with the help of Kero, Li, Meilin, and Madison.

"This book once contained powers beyond the imagination, but the powers have been freed and evil threatens to plunge the earth into shadow. Now a small band of friends must find and capture the magical clow cards and conquer the forces of darkness"
-Kids WB

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