American Name: Sakura Avalon
Japanese Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Birthday: April 1
Age: Ten

Sakura Avalon was a regular fourth grader until one day she heard scary noises coming from her father's liabrary in the basement and went to check it out. Everything seemed fine, but there was a cool looking book on the shelf. She picked it up, and little did she know opening it up would change the rest of her life. The seal on the book broke. She said the name of the windy card, and all of the cards flew away. Then came Kerberos, the guardian beast of the clow. He told Sakura that she would need to collect all of the cards and return them to the book. She Did just that, and for about seven episodes it was just her and her best friend Madison collecting the cards. Later on she had help from Li Sayoran and Meilin Raye.

Sakura's biggest fear is ghosts. Whenever they are mentioned, she becomes terrified. She is very athletic and excells in all kinds of sports but mostly chearleading at her school. She is extremly friendly and gets along with almost everyone. Meilin doesn't like her for a while because she is afraid she will steal li away from her. Sakura likes her older brother Tory's best friend Julian, but he is way too old for her (17) and later breaks her heart. Sakura and Tory do not get a long, but she cares for him, and would do anything for him, even if she doesn't always show it.