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{exhibits, art publications, & galleries}

Words|Matter, Art on Elston (October 2015)
alumni on 5, Columbia College (fall 2015)
Art of Library, Columbia College Library, (2003-Ongoing)
Aesthetics of Research, Columbia College (2014)
alumni on 5, Columbia College (fall 2012)
WomanMade Gallery, Underground (2011)
Convergence Project, Vespine Gallery, (2008)
Papercuts & Gluesticks Gallery (2008)
Unlikely Stories 2.0 (2006)
WomanMade Gallery, Secret Places, Sacred Spaces (2005)

{audio recordings}

WomanMade Gallery, 17th International Open Reading, 2014
Poets Who Open Doors, WomanMade Gallery, 2012
Beyond Audubon: Birds, Bees & Bona Fide Beasts @ WomanMade Gallery, 2010
    (w/ Lauren Levato, Todd Heldt, Sarah Gardner, & Erika Mikkalo)
Series A Mini-Conference Reading, 2009
Green & Free a Solstice Celebration, UniVerse of Poetry, 2008
    (w/ Kevin Coval, Onam Liduba, Cin Salach, James Reese, & Pont des Artes Ensemble)
Wordslingers Radio Archives, WLUW, 2004 & 2006

{past readings etc}

Aesthetics of Research Salon Series, Columbia College Library, 2016
Women & Children First, 2015
Kettle Blue Review issue release, Powell's Bookstore, 2015
major characters in minor films release, Quimby's, 2015
Poetry Center of Chicago, Six Points Reading Series, 2014
Red Rover Series, 2014
WomanMade Gallery, 2014
Ladies Night, AWP 2014, Seattle .
Women Writing Resistance Anthology Reading, Seattle AWP 2014.
Poetry and Beer, Revolution Brewery, 2013
Chicago State University, Lunchtime Reading Series, 2013
W4tB, Jack's Tap, 2013
Uncharted Books, 2013
Headless: A Body Of Text Based Performers, 2013
First Friday Series, Studio B, 2012
Poets Who Open Doors, WomanMade Gallery,2012
Sundress Publications AWP Reading, Beauty Bar, 2012
Fifth Wednesday Release, The Book Cellar, 2012
Waiting 4 the Bus, Café Ballou, 2011
Chicago Calling, Myopic Books, 2010
Beyond Audubon, WomanMade Gallery, 2010
Chicago Calling, Epiphany Church, 2009
Waiting 4 the Bus, Jaks Tap, 2009
Red Rover Series, Links Hall, AWP 2009
Orange Alert Series, The Whistler, 2009
Lewis University, 2009
Bookslut Reading Series. The Hopleaf, 2009
@ the Café, 2009
Rhino Series, Brothers K Coffeehouse, 2009
Woodland Pattern Bookstore, 2009
DePaul Summer Writing Conference, Publishing Panel, 2009
Series A Mini Conference Reading, 2009
Revolving Door Series, Red Kiva, 2009
Rock the Independent Vote, Weeds Tavern, 2009
Open Books , Poetry Panel, 2009
Georgia State University, 2008
Series A, Hyde Park Arts Center, 2008
Tuesday Funk, Café Ennui, 2008
1st Fridays Series, St. Paul’s Cultural Center, 2008
In the Bird Museum release party, Quimby’s Bookstore, 2008
U-niverse of Poetry, Uncommon Ground, 2008
Collage Reading, WomanMade Gallery, 2007
MFA Reading, Columbia College, 2007
Columbia Poetry Review Reading, Columbia College, 2007
Lewis University, 2007
Fictional Characters, Lilstreet Gallery, 2007
Myopic Books, 2006
Rhino Release, Evanston Arts Center, 2006
Poetry on the Web Workshop, Chicago Public Library, 2006
DvA Gallery, Battle of the Sexes, 2006
Molly Malones Series, 2006
The Fever Almanac release, Mojoes Hothouse, 2006
@ the Café, 2005
Around the Coyote Arts Festival, 2005
Printers Row Books Fair, 2005
ACM Release, The Hideout, 2005
DvA Gallery, 2005
WZRD Radio interview, 2005
Chicago Public Library, Edgewater Branch, 2005
Poetry Center of Chicago, 2004