Thick With Conviction - A Poetry Journal
thick with conviction a poetry journal

Caitlin Crowley

music man

a hypnotizing instrument
that lulls
a girl
into that deep,
sleep of love
admiration and
sweet importance
the world
is undercover
and the hypnotist
is the
one with
that beautiful
we dream of
a serenade
from the
poet creating
our informal

The janitor is eavesdropping

I told you a story
There were sharp corners
dark hallways
And scuffed vans
battles turn to blisters
white eyes bleed red
forgive me
just listen

Now thousands of seconds
I can count them all
The lights have gone out
I stay and wait
tables turned
feet cocked high on a stool
pound down the stairs
Iíve been here for hours
losing track of the hours

Moneyís expense
dreams I feared to lose
you donít need anyone
They need me that way
I canít finish without knowing
what it all means
I canít finish
So Iíve got nothing
to do
count the hours

Caitlin Crowley is a young author from Minnesota, which is very frustrating. She goes to high school, where she plays The Best Instrument in band.

 Current Issue:
January 2008


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