Stolen From My Bosom

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Dear Friend,

Stolen From My Bosom is biographical in nature, written under the pen name of Krystal Love. It covers a five year period when Krystal entered into an abusive relationship with a man who did not care for the company of women. This man, who married Krystal for reasons other than love, neglected and mistreated her. Being the survivor or child abuse and neglect, however, Krystal had no concept of the meaning of true love. As a result, Krystal had this man's child, which he didn't initially want, having told her that he wanted her to abort the baby that she so desperately wanted. It was sometime during the pregnancy that Krystal's husband had a psychotic experience and began reading the Bible without the quidance and support of qualified theologens. Instead of attending church to enable him to make sense of the ancient stories that form the text of the Bible, Krystal's husband endeavoured to interpret the Bible himself, developing his own system of beliefs that were far removed from the true meaning of Christianity. Because Krystal had repressed her own experiences of child abuse, she had no idea just how disturbed her husband really was. She would not realise the true extent of her husband's deteriotating state of mind until many years later when she discovered the awful truth of what he had subjected her only child to.

This book is a must read because it provides insight into the mind of an adult survivor of child abuse and neglect, and the types of relationships these survivors will often go on to form as a result of their own austere upbringing.

This is the pre-edited version, which is slightly different from the printed edition. If, after having read the on-line version, you decide you would like to purchase the book, there is a link you can go to in order to purchase it on line.

Kindest regards,

Krystal Love