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PuRRs, Inc is a 501 3 C not-for-profit organization that cares for pedigreed cats in need. We have a special focus on cats which are pedigreed, as well as cats which appear to reasonably represent a breed.

In 2008, we received 29 cats and found permanent homes for 16, transferred 5 to another rescue and retained eight into the next year.  In 2009, as a result of the recession, our adoptions dropped to four.  Most of our activities in 2009 involved assisting owners who needed temporary help to keep their cats and referral of cats from owners who could not keep them directly to new permanent homes.  We also facilitated the spray and neuter of several cats living with owners in need.

Looking for Volunteers

With an eye to the future, PuRRS is seeking foster home volunteers and adoption event partners, who live in Central (and Northwestern) Ohio.  We are also seeking an online newsletter editor.


We want to thank our donors who helped us survive during 2009, particularly the Kittyhawk Felines Cat Club of Dayton Ohio.  2010 has been more successful thus far, due to several new donors who have helped us continue our works with pedigreed cats in need.  Adoptions continue to be slow, but we have been very busy with several special projects.