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In The News

Website Maintenence

We are in middle of upgrading the website. Please be patient.

PuRRS will be holding adoption events at the Easton Petsmart from 11 AM to 2 PM Saturday on scheduled weekends. If you would like to meet us or one of our our adoptable cats, please call for the schedule (740) 817-2000.

Featured Pet

Midnight Louie

Midnight Louie has just one holiday wish--to find a family to love and cherish in the new year! Louie is a wonderful cat! He loves gentle children and adults alike. Louie is still waiting for a home, merely because his is black. Black cats have a harder time finding homes. Louie is unusual because of his vibrant green eyes, skinny black coat (no white spots hiding anywhere!) and his heart of gold. Please consider giving mild-mannered Louie a change to shine in your heart and home! Click here to visit Louie's listing and view his video.


Turkish Angora photoPuRRS, or the Purebred Rescue and Relocation Society, is an allbreed rescue for pedigreed cats and their look-alikes. PuRRS is the home of several breed rescue groups. Our current breed rescues are TARA, the Turkish Angora Rescue Association, and the National Pixiebob Rescue.

Great Cats!

Pixie Bob photoOur goal is to provide a high quality adoption, and our cats are provided with spray or neuter, basic vaccinations, feline leukemia and feline aids testing, the addressing of any health issues, and an evaluation of each cat's personality traits in order to match the right cat with the right home.

We do not euthanize rescued cats unless they are suffering from incurable severe illness.

Calling All Volunteers

We are an all volunteer organization, and welcome inquiries from cat lovers who are interested in volunteer work. PuRRS is seeking foster home volunteers and adoption event partners, who live in Central (and Northwestern) Ohio. We are also seeking an online newsletter editor.

cat on booksEducation of Cat Owners

PuRRS works to promote and educate cat owners to keep their cats indoors only, and to avoid the practice of declawing. See our menu for pages with information on various topics of interest.

"On My Way Home"