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'Even when laws have been written down, they ought not always to remain unaltered' - Aristotle


   1. Poems are not required to have a Pagan theme, but it is encouraged.
Please, NO hate poetry!  Religion-bashing of any nature will not be tolerated. 
   3. Please refrain from poems that contain explicit or untasteful references to sexuality. 
   4. NO gender bias, homophobia or racism.
   5. Poems should be 500 words max.  There is not limit to how short a poem can be.
   6. Poems may be submitted anonymously, however if you would like credit for your work you must provide your name and email address.


   1. Absolutely no spamming will be tolerated.
   2. No emails will be made available to the public unless by express request of the poet or author.


   1. All works must be original.  Any person or entity caught plagarising will be persued to the furthest extent possible.
   2. Any work making use of quotations or paraphrasing must provide adequate citations.
   3. Anyone caught taking materials off this site an claiming them as their own will also be in trouble.

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