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Rebecca Marquis was born Rebecca Nicole Vulcan in August of 1977 in Columbus, Ohio. She now resides in Lisbon, Ohio with her family, dog, three cats, ten fish and a million birds in the summertime. An avid reader since age five, Rebecca is now pursuing a career in journalism while working at Youngstown State University's newspaper The Jambar and writing creatively. When not devouring a book, she likes to plant things and play with her dog, Harley.

Rebecca started on the Pagan path about six years ago, though for most of her life she has been attracted to all things occult, spending many youthful hours in the occult nook at the local library. She is a solitary eclectic Witch and former President and founding member of the YSU
Neo-Pagan Fellowship, a student organization whose motto is "promoting religious tolerance." Email:


Nicole Young of Brookfield, Ohio entered this life in November in 1974. Adopted at birth, Nicole found her birth family at the age of twenty-one and began learning her family tradition of Strega from her biological grandmother. Now, however, she practices as a solitary. Nicole is founder and recent Vice President of the YSU Neo-Pagan Fellowship. Her favorite forms of divination are tarot, fire scrying, tea leaves and geomancy, although she also employs gematria, hydromancy and energy pathworking. Email:

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