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Sweetest White-fleshed Nectarines

Summer of freshly picked fruits,
Summer of taste buds
And pure aromatic embrace
2002 Summer, oh so ever fresh!
In the times of watermelon slices
And all colors of lemonade and Kool-aid
Under bright sun, layer-clothed workers
Harvest the bounty of Central Valley, California
Nectarines are ready to be picked
Their harvest starts in April, peaks in July and ends in September
As red as the make-up touch on a strikingly beautiful woman's cheecks
As red as the red on her lips or the occasional red of wildfire
As juicy and crunchy as they may ever come,
These white flesh nectarines are ready to be appreciated

Explore their voluptuous and plump shapes and sink in your teeth,
Consuming them for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner

While meditating on the overall sensations,
Overwhelming feelings of the perfect first pleasure
Bringing complete satisfaction to your palate
Ever appealing and elegant, they'll steal the party away
For, by their sweetness, everybody will be blown away

On the table, at school, church gatherings and at the office
White flesh nectarines release their delicious and attractive aroma
To the delight of the children, friends and passersby
Promoting only good energy,
They exude pride, the pride of a family farm, a steadfast farmer
The know-how and hard work of a strong breed of farmers
And long lines of brave workers

Sweetest white flesh, you'll ever want to know, taste and experience!
They also welcome and respond to your touch
Just like an attractive woman strolling on the beach of Santa Barbara,
Maybe an elegant, hard-bodied man strolling down with a chihuahua
On the boardwalk, Santa Monica, Pismo and Miami beach
These white flesh nectarines need your special attention
You're allowed to touch them to find out whether they are ripe
They are home-based as they can be stored at home temperature
Soon, they will soften, indicating that they are ready to eat
You'll realize that there can be no competition with their yellow cousins

White flesh nectarines steal consumers' hearts all over the world
They reign in your heart and mind as you take heart
And patiently wait for the next harvest

In our mind and deep down our heart, we have reached
The pinnacle of our taste buds
Now we cry of joy as we gaze upon the horizons
We let go a huge sigh of relief and completely surrender
To the label power of locally-grown, nurtured and succulent nectarines.

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White Flesh Peaches

Peachy Peach, our darling
Sweetest white flesh ever!
You come in so many varieties
To pamper our palate and shower us with attention
You tease our sense of smell with your ever expanding aroma
Oh, how I have awaited your arrival
After enduring the chilly and cold months of Winter
Spring brought us much hope and joy
On a few occasions, we even worried about your fate
Your nurturers have devised techniques to protect you from the freeze
We just could not wait to see you in your regal bloom
Attracting many tourists and flora lovers
To the Central Valley of California
Then, you start bearing fruits which you will carry to maturity
Weeding and irrigating become important to you
For a few months, you become the highlight of drivers and families
Going up and down our intricate networks of roads and urban needs
May we feel strong enough to fight encroachment
On the soil you need to grow and continue to entertain
And satisfy future generations
Peachy Peach, our darling
Sweetest white flesh ever on the Valley floor
You are one of few breeds cherished by so many,
Developed and grown by hands of love
Over so many years of labor and trials
Finally, the months of wedding arrive
You are the second bride of harvest time
Nectarines, another from the white flesh family, are the first bride
Their harvest starts in April while you, peachy peach, start in May
We'll live under the same roof; we'll share the same space
You are not demanding at all: all you ever need is a plastic bag
Another reason why we love you so much
You only need to be stored at room temperature
While you touch us from the fibers of our taste buds
We only need to touch you to see if you are ripe
Once you soften, you give us the clues to your readiness
Peachy Peach, our darling!
You adorn the tables of the mighty and the rich, heads of state and kings
As well as those of the school children, middle-class and poor families
Once people have taken a bite out of you,
They want you to be theirs all over the world
No celebrities and politicians want to compete against you
For they know you are on their team to promote better health
Instead you bring delights to their heart
Through unity and universal satisfaction

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