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Welcome to my webiste!

For information about my book MYSTERY OF THE HATS go to the Gallery page. It is out and selling well. If you want to buy it the price is $9.95+tax. There is a shopping cart at the bottom of the page, or you can email me at and I will get a signed copy out right away, or go to the links page.

In addition to this homepage, I have a blog that I plan to update weekly. There are pages for my book, and one for my biography. The page for ramblings are unpolished stories written just for the web site. (Ramblings). Occasionally I select a word or a thought at random and write about it. I don't correct spelling or grammer I just write everything that pops into my head, I ramble.

So take a look around, dig in - get your feet dirty! And let me know what you think. You can either sign my guestbook, or send me an email. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

And, check back often to see the changes I've made.

When you have finished looking around sign my guest book. I like to know what everyone thinks, or send me an email, or both.

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The first signing was a huge success.

I recieved author copies today 4/26/06. The cover looked GOOD! The book looked good.