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Maestro Marcello Garofalo

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Marcello Garofalo has been working in his native country, Italy, and here in the USA, teaching l’accento Italiano as an integral part of the vocal art. He maintains his private studio in New York where many singers attend his Bel Canto Seminars in Carnegie Hall. He has also been invited to offer Master Classes in Boston and Washington, DC, as well as Italy, where he was coached by his father, Maestro Carlo Giorgio Garofalo, who was a composer, conductor, and became renowned as an opera coach for such prestigious artists as Nazzareno De Angelis, Titta Ruffo, Beniamino Gigli and many others.

Maestro Marcello Garofalo has resurrected the use of the pure Italian language in opera after years of decadence.  Because of this, now even La Scala is forced to employ supertitles to enable the audience to comprehend the text.

Maestro Garofalo is listed in Musical America and is available for private coaching and master classes.


L’ Accento Italiano
Maestro Garofalo


"I find Marcello Garofalo a wonderful coach for Italian opera and an inspiration to me, as a singer. He is also a pleasure to work with as a person, as he believes in his singers and works hard to achieve their utmost. Because of his association with his father, who was a very important composer and teacher of the greatest singers (like Gigli, Franci, Gobbi), Marcello makes the music and the text blend perfectly. I feel I have improved immensely in the year I have worked with Marcello and I have received excellent feedback from my colleagues. I am sure that Marcello would be a terrific acquisition for any musical organization."

James Dietsch, baritone


"If there is a resurgence in the art of the Italianate bel canto in these early days of the 21st century, it will be because opera singers and producers will have heeded the voice of Marcello Garofalo 'crying in the wilderness.'  I have been working with Marcello for some time now, and he has, through his own unique and intuitive genius, been able to re-formulate a virtually lost technique of operatic declamation, l'accento, the skillful application of which both provided nurturance for, and ensured longevity to, the vocal powers of the truly great interpreters of this all-too-fragile art.

Many singers (like me) who have sought to learn from the giants of the past have acquired an intellectual awareness of this technique.  However, a true comprehension of its power to transform and vitalize the voice has not been passed down to us, the inheritors of their legacy.  Marcello Garofalo, because of his early exposure to the likes of Gigli, De Angelis, and others, has, in his application of this understanding, succeeded in re-establishing a connection to an authentic bel canto tradition." Michele Fiammardente, tenor


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