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Getting On

Tisienne Blue

Part Twenty-Five

God… Lindsey’s head was aching more than he’d ever imagined was possible without some sort of severe head trauma… and if that made him suddenly more sympathetic towards what William had once been through, he would never admit it.

Still, he had to admit—only right then because he was not only hung over but still somewhat drunk—it had been kind of… upsetting to know that the blond had moved on.

He would never admit, though, that William was the reason he’d left Angel’s and driven a long, winding path—during which he thankfully wasn’t pulled over—straight to the airport.

He’d apparently called ahead because the MacDonald Pharmaceuticals jet was docked in a hangar at the Las Vegas Airport, and… Lindsey barely recalled talking to his Aunt and somehow convincing her that his unscheduled trip was vital.

One arm rose to cover his eyes once the small bit of light in the room became too much and if he’d been even close to sober or rational, he would have jumped when he felt the smooth rim of a shot glass against his lips and heard a very soft but demanding voice insist that he drink because it would make him feel better.

Maybe it would, he decided less than a moment later. It could hardly make him feel worse, after all.

A few more of those passively taken shots, and Lindsey started to drift off again, this time finding himself in an odd mental state where he was the one who’d been injured… and William had abandoned him.

Lindsey didn’t know it, but he was sobbing inconsolably in his sleep as every single slight he’d given to William was replayed for him, but reversed. And try as he might, he couldn’t wake up.

He tossed and turned, his body writhing through all manner of muscle spasms, and if he’d actually been able to think of anything but the pain, he’d have realized that what he was going through wasn’t even a tenth of what William had experienced… and then he did realize it, somehow, and wept silent, internal tears.


The young woman frowned as her repeated knocking went unanswered.

Of course, the phone calls she’d made over the last few days had also resulted in nothing but she’d hoped that… well, honestly, she’d hoped the man she was seeking would be home and unable to avoid her when she was physically present.

Her brow tightened and she began knocking even harder, this time with a vengeance. He had to be home. He just had to!

It wasn’t until at least three of the man’s neighbors had looked out into the hallway that she finally admitted that she’d somehow managed to miss him.

She was just writing a note to slip under the door when the police showed up.

“Um… hi?” she offered with a hopeful grin.


Xander had thought of the Sunnydale Diner for his ‘meeting’ with Oz, for some reason.

He wasn’t sure of what that reason was, but if was good enough for his Dad, it was definitely good enough for him… and the same went for Oz.

He found himself in the same booth he’d met his father in just a few days earlier and he smiled when the waitress brought him a cup of coffee with three packets of Splenda and a small ramekin of real cream on the side.

“Thanks, Rosie,” he said with a smile, entirely unaware of her assessment of him. “I have no idea of how you manage to remember everyone, but… it’s kind of intimidating. And heartwarming.”

Rosie smiled back at the young man. “You’re definitely your father’s son,” was all she said as she walked away, wondering if the brunette would know how much of a compliment that was.


Charles Gunn was entirely stunned by the beautiful young woman who was apparently Cordelia Chase.

He’d gone out of his way to anticipate Angel’s next demands, and they’d led him to this clinic in downtown Dallas, and he was… floored.

The girl was young… much younger than her reputation as a sports therapist would seem to imply, anyway… and for her to be the best in the business at her age…? Well, that was something else for Charles to admire. In addition to her… attributes.

He was married, of course, and happily so, but if he hadn’t been…? Oh, he would have been all over that. He’d have to tell Kendra later. She always loved hearing about the ones he wanted. She made him tell her everything he wanted to do with them… and then did those things with him.

Yeah, he was blessed, and he’d never forget it.

“So. What’s your damage?”

Gunn’s heart skipped for a moment and he forced himself to stand, pretending he hadn’t just been thinking about… anything but what he was there for.

“I, uh… it’s my… my shoulder.”

Cordelia snorted softly before arching one sculpted brow and turning away. “And I’m a moron, so I believe that. But please… dig yourself a deeper hole. Hell, the deeper the better, as far as I’m concerned. I usually charge by the hour for consultations, but in your case?” She smirked. “I’m thinking by the minute. And trust me, I can use the money, and I don’t come cheap.”

Oh, hell… maybe he wouldn’t be telling his wife about this girl. Or not much, anyway. There was something entirely too…

But he loved his wife and he’d never go there, even assuming this Cordelia Chase would consider it, and…

“Okay. Fine,” he finally said. “I’m here because of Alexander Summers-Giles. Or should I say Xander Harris.”

Cordelia frowned, then sighed.

“I have nothing to say about him other than... we grew up together. We’re friends. He’s incredibly smart when he wants to be. I love him in a way. But not a sexual way because he’s gay and that’s fine. I mean, I know his boyfriend and I know they’re really good together.” Her brow furrowed deeply. “What else is there to say?”

Charles smiled back, almost ignoring what he already knew to be claimed from various papers and so on.

It wasn’t that he was ignoring Angel’s orders, he told himself, but more like he was… well, trying to get in good with the boss.

“It’s good that you put it that way, Miss Chase,” Gunn said, letting a small frown crease is lips, “because I have a client who swears that ‘Xander Harris’… well. Just vouch that he’s gay and has never had sex with a woman—that you know of—and everything will be… cool. Uh, I’m a Private Detective, by the way. And just so you know, I can pay your fee.”

Cordelia found herself smiling hugely… right before her lips trembled and fell into a frown. The last thing she wanted to do was betray Xander, but… this guy seemed to already know pretty much everything, and… if she could help Xander and William avoid trouble just by talking about the past, then she kind of owed it to them, didn’t she?

Yes, she decided. She did.

“I… there was this one girl. Harmony… something. I know he tried with her. I mean, everyone knew he tried! That bitch wouldn’t shut up about it! That was why he came out. He didn’t want the whole school thinking he was, um…” Cordelia sighed. “Impotent. He caught a lot of crap for being gay at first, but come on! It’s not like anyone was in the dark about his Dad and Mister Rayne, so can we say ‘apple’… ‘tree’?”

Gunn smiled again, a full grin this time. “See? I knew I came to the right gir… woman. You’re the only one who’s known him for long enough and would possibly be willing to tell me the truth.”

The young woman arched a brow and crossed her arms beneath her breasts, entirely unaware of the picture she made in her scrubs and lab coat. “Uh-huh. Because you know who he is but couldn’t manage to ask one of his sisters? I’m so not buying that, Mister.”

Damn. This girl was way too bright. He hadn’t even been lying but she’d seen the flaw in his claim right away… and had called him on it.

“Okay. Okay. I didn’t want to contact anyone in his family. If this, uh… client… is making everything up, I don’t want them getting all in his face for nothing.” Gunn shrugged a bit sheepishly. “I don’t know the guy personally, but from what I can tell? He keeps his head low and tries to do the right thing. I figure he didn’t turn out that way by accident, right? So why freak all of them out for no reason?”

Cordelia considered that for a few minutes, all the while staring dispassionately at the tall, dark man.

It went against her personal code to speak too much of her friends; especially when she owed Xander’s family so very much.

But would it be any better to hold back and maybe cause heartache that wasn’t necessary later? Because from what the man in front of her was saying—and wasn’t saying—it sounded to Cordelia like some skanky little whore was trying to pass her kid off as her friend’s.

“It isn’t his,” she said bluntly, a smile tugging at her lips when Gunn gave her a stunned look. “Oh, please. You come here and want to know about Xander’s sexual history because ‘a client’ has some sort of claims to make?” She snorted softly. “I’m not too old for ‘connect the dots’.” A smirk crossed her lips as she chuckled. “Some stupid little bitch says her kid is Xander’s. Duh. Well, it’s not. Another ‘duh’. So send her away and move on. And let me get back to clients who are actually hurt, okay?”

His eyes were wide and Gunn knew it, but it wasn’t every day that he ran into someone who could cut to the chase—no pun intended—so quickly.

“I… yeah,” he managed to say.

He turned towards the door, only looking back as an afterthought. “I know he was in El Paso for a while before he moved to Dallas,” he announced, just so he could say he’d been thorough, “but did he date anyone there? At all, I mean. It would help if I could find whatever guy he might have been with then.”

Cordelia’s eyes rolled but she smiled, the smile becoming a truly pleased grin when she remembered. “His name was… Andrew, I think. But it didn’t last long. I think they only had sex like… once. And Xander said Drew was kinda needy... and maybe a little bit nuts.”

“Thanks. I owe you one.”

The brunette chuckled soft and low. “Oh, it’s more than one, but you’ll see that when you get my bill. Buh-bye, now.”

Part Twenty-Six

If anything, Willow was relieved that her brother and Oz had managed to work things out well enough that Xander wouldn’t be telling their father and Uncle Ethan anything. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t going to give Xan a hard time, though.

She sat on the edge of his bed and watched him pack while William was gathering the grooming products in the bathroom, her eyes sparkling merrily.

“So you guys are gonna have some sort of a ceremony?”

Xander barely glanced at her, more focused on packing the Armani suit he liked best. He wanted to wear it when he put his ring on Will’s finger, after all. “Yeah.”

Willow swallowed her laugh. “And you’re gonna exchange rings…?”

A small shrug then a clear nod as Xander said “Yeah,” again; then “as soon as we pick them out.”

“All of your friends are gonna be there, right? And me, of course.”

Xander couldn’t help the huge smile that spread across his lips. “God, I hope so. I mean, I’m not ashamed of him or how I feel about him, you know, Willow?” He blushed and looked at his baby sister, finally closing his suitcase before sitting down beside her on the side of the bed. “I really want everyone to know that we’re together. Even people who don’t know us. I want everyone who’s capable of seeing us and seeing that we have matching rings to know—without a shadow of a doubt—that William is mine… and I’m his.” He sighed happily, looking forward to that time. “And, okay. Maybe there are gonna be some people who can’t handle it. Who think we’re perverted or whatever. But I can’t worry about them. I don’t want to worry about them.”

He smiled softly. “The only person I want to worry about is in the bathroom right now, Wills… probably making sure that the bristles of our toothbrushes are interlocking for the trip home.”

God, it was amazing to see her brother so completely in love. Even more, it was incredible that he was making it so easy for her to tease him.

“Okay,” Willow giggled, unable to actually meet Xander’s eyes at that moment, “Just to make sure I have everything straight—pardon the word—you and Will are gonna have a ceremony and exchange rings in front of family and friends… so nobody will think either of you are single.”

Xander’s smile got a good bit larger. “Oh, yeah.”

“And then later, you’re gonna take a few days off and just be together before you have to rejoin the rest of the world.”

William chuckled from the bathroom doorway, even as he finished zipping up the small satchel that held their grooming items. “As many days as I can get him to take, pet,” he agreed.

Willow giggled even more before darting her gaze back and forth between her brother and her brother’s lover. “Okay… and explain to me again how that’s different from getting married, because I’m for damned sure not seeing it.”

Blue eyes met baffled brown, and as William stepped into the bedroom, both men shook their heads despairingly.

“It’s a bloke thing,” William finally said, one hand sliding slowly down Xander’s spine as the other put the satchel in his suitcase. “And you clearly don’t understand.”

Of course, neither did he, now that Willow had pointed it out, but… “won’t be having us any babies, will we?”

Xander laughed and leaned back against the hand just above his ass. “Not unless there’s something you haven’t told me, Will. I’m pretty sure I haven’t knocked you up.”

The blond laughed and settled beside his lover, one hand resting on Xander’s knee. “Yes. That is precisely why I want us to ‘marry’, as Willow believes us to be doing. I’m pregnant and don’t wish our child to be a bastard, Xander. Please make an honest man of me.” He batted his eyes dramatically.

Red hair shook and shimmied in waves as Willow laughed. “Fine. Fine,” she answered, her voice shaking with amusement, “and maybe it’s just me being a girl, but I still say you’re getting married. So there. Nyah!”

She stuck her tongue out at them childishly, and when they were all laughing harder than they’d ever done, she finally forced herself to stand.

“I love you guys,” Willow said, her voice quieter suddenly, and more intense. “And I love it that you’re together. I… I think you were maybe meant for each other. So, Xander? Don’t screw it up, okay?” She grinned. “I want my kids to be calling you Uncle Xander and Uncle Will twenty years from now, okay?”

Twenty years.

It was almost a lifetime to the two men, and because of that, it was a somewhat scary thought.

To be together that long; to know only each other intimately for almost as many years as they’d been alive…?

Neither of them had ever considered being apart… not really, except for those moments when each had feared losing the other, but twenty years?

Concerned blue eyes found equally shaky brown, and that was all it took.

“Best make it forty years, pet,” William murmured after a moment, caught in his bloke’s gaze.

“Sixty,” Xander added helplessly because… oh, he would never get enough of Will’s eyes, his smile, the way he touched him—down deep in his soul, even when the blond was miles away or as close as he was right then. “Never gonna screw this up, baby… and if I start to, tell me.”

It was William’s response to those words that convinced Willow that it was time to go.

She didn’t even say goodbye; she just slipped nearly silently from the room and closed the door behind her.

After all, she didn’t really need to see her brother and William making out like two fifteen year old kids. It was hot, granted, but… none of her business.

Her eyes sparkled again, this time with a touch of wickedness.

Oz should be finishing up his work for the night and if she chose to surprise him by being naked and in his bed when he got home, well… she didn’t think he’d mind.


The next time Lindsey woke, he turned his head away from the glass pressed to his lips.

When it was placed there again, he groaned loudly and as threateningly as possible.

“Stop that!” he ordered, his head throbbing just as it had done before. “Jesus fucking Christ, I need to sober up…”

If he’d been less hung over, he would have recognized the relief in the sigh that met his words, but as it was…

“What the fuck do you want?” he demanded, his eyes cracking open just a bit to see the lithe, blonde and naked woman beside him.

Huh. A woman.

It took a good minute or so, but Lindsey finally shrugged on the inside. He liked women sometimes. They were soft and curvy. Gentle.

His eyes raked blearily over as much of her as he could see without actually moving, and it was only then that he realized he’d missed whatever it was she’d been saying.


“I said,” the blonde repeated, as though speaking to a particularly dimwitted child, “that what I want is for you to bathe. You smell like you’ve been rolling around on the floor of a public restroom. Of course, that makes sense since you haven’t showered for at least three days that I know of. I can’t speak for the time before that because I wasn’t here. But after you’ve washed, you’re going to shave, get dressed, and take me to dinner. I’m tired of room service. I want to go out.”

Lindsey groaned loudly, hands covering his ears. “God! Can you shut up? Or at least not be so loud?”

The young woman rolled her eyes as she climbed naked from the bed. “That depends. Are you going to do what I told you to?”

He groaned again, but the fact that the blonde seemed entirely willing to speak even louder if he didn’t? That made him move.

“Fine,” he grumbled, slitted, bloodshot eyes giving her an appreciative once-over as he stumbled towards what he hoped was the bathroom. “Just… fuck. Quiet, okay?”

She watched him disappear into the bathroom, a small smile crossing her lips when she heard the shower start running. He seemed to be rather obedient, and that was never a bad thing. Then again, she’d known who he was as soon as he’d introduced himself… had known who his Aunt was, which possibly explained his willingness to be dominated by a strong-minded woman.

Her smile only grew when she heard his mobile phone ring from across the room and it took mere moments to locate it in his discarded pants. It had rang at least six times a day since she’d been spending time with the man, but he’d always mumbled something about ignoring it.

Now that he was out of the room, though, she was for damned sure going to satisfy her curiosity.

“Lindsey’s pants,” she answered the call with a soft laugh. “He’s not in them right now; can I take a message?”

She listened to the annoyed voice on the other end, and when the inevitable question came, her grin became truly enormous.

“Pffffft… you first. Who’s this?” she demanded right back, laughing on the inside at the answer.

“Oh, okay. Well, ‘Lindsey’s Aunt’, I’m Anya. Anya Jenkins-MacDonald. Lindsey’s wife.”



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