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Getting On

Tisienne Blue

Part Twenty-Seven

One thing Gunn was glad of was that he already knew where William Barrington lived. It made things much easier, since he was fairly sure that he’d find Xander Harris there, as well. After all, considering where the younger man’s apartment was, he wouldn’t blame him for shacking up in the better place.

Of course the dark-haired man still paid rent on his apartment, but aside from some girl who’d been making a ruckus—Xander’s neighbors’ words—nobody had noticed either Xander or William there for a while.

Gunn wasn’t quite sure of why Alexander Summers-Giles would maintain a semi-crappy place like that as his residence unless that was where he entertained his work friends—the ones who didn’t know who he really was—but he figured it didn’t much matter. In fact, he pushed the question entirely from his mind as he parked in the visitor’s lot behind William’s building and strolled slowly along the landscaped walkway to the front.

It took a mere two hundred dollars and one business card to find out from the doorman that yes, Mister Barrington had a ‘friend’ staying with him, and yes, that ‘friend’ was tall and dark… and had a propensity for jeans and flannel as well as keeping a working-man’s hours when the couple weren’t away. Which they were at the moment.

That was the last thing Gunn had wanted to hear, but there wasn’t much he could do about it since the doorman either didn’t know or wouldn’t say when they’d be back.

He walked back to his truck with a frown on his face and drove slowly away, making a mental note to leave a message on William’s answering machine. Someone should warn the men that there was something going on, if only so they could be on guard. And somebody should know about the tall man lurking behind the bush on the far side of the parking lot, even though the guy didn’t seem to be doing any harm.

It was as he was about to dial Kendra’s favorite Chinese restaurant for a take-out order that his phone rang and he forgot all about calling anyone.

A deep sigh sprung from him when he recognized the incoming number as one of the phones at Central Lock-Up, but it could be any number of clients, and he had to answer.

“Gunn,” he greeted, voice clipped and cold… then he heard the voice stammering at him and groaned silently, even while he swung the truck into a U-turn. “I’m on my way,” he said, ending the call without further explanation.

“Those fucking Aureliuses are more trouble than they’re worth,” he muttered, breaking any number of laws to get there faster.

And maybe Xander Harris wasn’t actually an Aurelius, but he was connected closely enough to one of them that he might as well have been… and he’d liked the young girl who’d just called him. At least until Cordelia Chase had been so convincing regarding the Giles kid’s sexual history.

So now he had to go bail out someone who’d hired him and been lying to him. Someone who’d somehow made it past his bullshit radar and had seemed like good people.

It was times like this that Gunn hated his job.

“I am so asking Angel for a raise…”


His Dad hadn’t been thrilled that he and Will were leaving early, but he’d seen the logic in it. Neither of them had wanted to draw attention away from Buffy and Liam—or Angel, as the man preferred to be called—and if their relationship had somehow become common knowledge right then, that would have been all anyone wanted to talk about.

Xander didn’t know why, but for some odd reason, people paid more attention to same-sex couples—as though they were circus freaks just dropping in to do a show.

It didn’t matter that he’d been out for almost ten years. Every time the shareholders and board members and so on even thought he was ‘involved seriously’, it became the topic of conversation, and while he and Will hadn’t been exactly subtle, they hadn’t acted like theirs was anything more than a casual thing… or not where anyone but family could see, in any case.

That had been deliberate on both their parts, once they’d been able to think.

William had had some sort of intuition about what was going to happen between their siblings, and while it had made Xander’s stomach crawl to think about Buffy with Liam at the time, he’d had to admit that his sister would be fully pissed off if he and his lover upstaged her, and that was never a good thing.

That was at least part of the reason he’d decided to hold off on his and William’s plans until after Buffy and Liam’s wedding. That and… he wasn’t afraid to tell his Dad what they’d decided but it would be easier to refuse being talked around if the plans had already been put in motion.

So they were leaving in just a few minutes and nobody had any reason to focus on anything but his sister and Will’s brother, and that was as it should be.

But more important than everything else—to Xander, anyway—leaving early meant going home.


Home to the place he shared with his lover; home to a big, soft bed that was entirely theirs and a space that was slowly coming to reflect both of them.

So, yeah. He was ready to go there. More than ready.

He smiled at his family, giving long, tight hugs to each of them and finally forcing himself not to glare at Liam. The goodbyes were short and to the point, but that was fine because he knew there would be long, rambling comments in his thread on the family forum when he got home, and that was good because he and Will were slightly pressed for time.

William’s farewells took mere minutes, consisting mainly of hugs for Angel, Buffy and Willow, a steady handshake for Mister Giles… and a smug, knowing glance exchanged with Ethan Rayne.

They were outside and in the car less than three minutes later, being driven to the airport and the GSI corporate jet that would take them…

“Home,” William whispered as he collapsed into one of the plush leather seats and strapped himself in, nodding to the Captain as he passed on his way to the cockpit. “Bloody hell, Xan. Like your family a good bit, but these last days have been bloody well exhausting!”

Xander couldn’t help laughing, even as he crouched down in front of his love and carefully straightened Will’s bad leg. “And now you know the rest of the reason I chose Texas, baby,” he murmured, gently massaging the blond’s knee, calf, and thigh in turn with strong but gentle hands. “Far enough away that they don’t just drop in, but close enough that I can get to them in a hurry if I have to… and less likelihood of snow.”

William was incredibly close to unfastening his seat belt and diving onto his bloke when the Captain’s voice came over the intercom to announce that they’d been cleared for takeoff in ten minutes.

“Bloody… God, Xander. Finish that rub later, yeah?”

Brown eyes sparkled wickedly, even as Xander took the seat beside William’s.

He secured himself quickly, then took Will’s hand in his own, squeezing once as a promise.

“Count on it, baby… I don’t want that leg cramping up when you’ve got me bent over our couch, do I?”

William groaned.


Jesus, the blonde girl fucked like no woman he’d ever had before. Lindsey almost thought she might have been a man in a previous life—or previously in that one—but he didn’t believe in reincarnation and he definitely knew the signs of post-op trannies… and this Anya wasn’t one.

“God,” he groaned, still exhausted from the extended bender he’d been on, and now even more so by the repeated bouts of hot, sweaty, naked sex. “Fuck, Anya… give me a break, okay? I’m only human!”

The young woman sighed as though he’d asked her to do housework.

“Fine,” she agreed after a moment. “Forty minutes, Lindsey. You take a nap. I’ll use the time to clean up.” She ignored his moan of relief as she climbed from the bed and crossed the floor to the bathroom, where she paused in the doorway.

“You’ve behaved yourself very well since you woke up the last time. I appreciate that in a man.” Anya smiled, her eyes lighting up as she thought of the perfect reward. “I’ll get my harness and strap-on ready to go, Lindsey. I remember how much you enjoyed that… once you stopped whimpering about the dildo being too big, anyway. Now, sleep. You’re going to need your strength.”

If he hadn’t already been half asleep, Lindsey might have had something to say to that, although his weary mind wasn’t sure of what.

As it was, darkness overtook him, even as he wondered what in the Hell he’d missed while he’d been blacked out. At least it sounded like he’d had fun, though.


“We should arrive at the church in a hot air balloon,” Buffy was saying, “made entirely of pink and white silk… with roses! We can have streamers of roses instead of those tacky ropes they always use, and…”

“Uh, I don’t think strings of roses would be strong enough to hold a balloo…” he started, groaning silently at the huge, wet eyes she turned to him. Christ, he was so fucking whipped. “But we could have roses woven around the ropes, Buff. They’d be much easier to see from a distance that way, and…”

Willow sniggered from just outside the doorway to the sitting room, then turned laughing eyes to her Uncle. “Are we sure William’s the gay brother? Because Liam sounds way too… floral-savvy to me.”

Ethan Rayne chuckled. “Liam is merely trying to appear interested in the planning, my dear. I expect it will last for almost another hour, so you might as well enjoy it while you can. I believe your sister will be rather distraught—and furious—when she finally realizes that he is merely agreeing with her in order to keep the peace.” He cocked his head, smirking just a bit more than usual. “Of course, the negotiations will begin rather soon. That should divert her attention for a time, and when they are finally finished, I’m rather certain that your father will insist upon a wedding planner.”

The redhead pouted and turned her own version of the wide, round doe-eyes on the older man. “But Uncle…”

The man snorted and shook his head. “As I am the one who taught you that look, Willow, you really should know better than to try using it on me.” He didn’t mention, of course, that Xander’s version—which was the original—still carried an awful lot of weight with him. So much so that Ripper had even employed it a time or two, much to Ethan’s chagrin… and to his shame, as it always worked when it was his love using it.

Willow sighed softly, then shrugged. “Okay… but we can still watch until it all goes kablooey, right? Oh, I need my video camera! This has so much blackmail potential!”

Ethan found himself grinning hugely as the youngest Giles dashed off down the hall to find just that item. “Bloody hell, I’m proud of that girl!”


As soon as she was certain that her husband was sleeping, Anya pulled his cell phone from its hiding place under the sink in the bathroom. She silently congratulated herself on turning it to vibrate when she saw that there were twenty-three missed calls, and all from the same number.

She showered leisurely before wrapping a towel around herself and lowering the top of the commode, her fingers quickly finding and pressing the correct sequence to return the call as she sat.

“Lindsey! Don’t you dare have sex with that woman!” were the words that greeted her and Anya couldn’t help but laugh.

“Too late, Aunt Maggie,” she announced smugly. “Your nephew and I were married almost four days ago and we’ve most likely had more sex since then than your dried up old coochie could possibly stand. I’m probably carrying his child by now.”

The low groan on the other end was nearly a compliment.

“I’m assuming,” Anya went on, “that you’ve had ‘your people’ investigating me ever since we spoke last night. So you know who I am… sort of. And you know that I don’t love Lindsey.” She frowned slightly. “He is very obedient, however, so I can’t say that I dislike him.”

“You little bitch! I’ll see to it that you never see more than a penny from this… travesty of a marriage! You’ll have nothing!”

It was almost heartwarming to hear Maggie Walsh sputtering useless threats. Almost. But still…

“There was no pre-nup, Aunt Maggie. I offered to sign one, but Lindsey wouldn’t hear of it.” More like, he’d been so drunk that he hadn’t understood the word, but that was irrelevant. The Elvis who’d married them had heard her offer, as well as Lindsey’s refusal.

“You shouldn’t have screwed my grandfather over, Maggie. But you did… and I’m a woman. I had to seek vengeance, didn’t I? I mean, what’s that they say? The female of the species is more deadly than the male?”

The older woman’s voice was almost a whisper when it finally responded. “Your… grandfather?”

A smug chuckle left Anya’s lips. “Donald Hoffryn. Surely you remember him. After all, he was the one who perfected the anti-depressant that made MacDonald Pharmaceuticals one of the top drug manufacturers in the world.”

Anya let the silence go on for nearly a minute.

“You shouldn’t have done that, Maggie. He died knowing he’d been ripped off by his most trusted friends. It broke him. So now you have a choice. You accept me into your family, knowing that my children—and Lindsey’s—will inherit the company… or I take you to court for grand theft, larceny… oh, a whole slew of things.”

A shaky breath ended with “you can’t prove anything…”.

Another laugh sprung from Anya’s lips and she shrugged even though the other woman couldn’t see her.

“I don’t have to. Not conclusively. The scandal alone would hurt you. Think about it, Maggie. The mere suspicion of dirty dealings might wipe you out. And what researcher would ever trust you again?”

She pulled the phone from her ear for a moment to check the time display, then grinned smugly.

“Take your time figuring out which option you prefer. I’ll call you later. For now, though… I have a date to have more hot, sweaty sex with your nephew.”

She ended the call and slipped the phone back into its hiding place.

There were still five minutes or so to spare, but the harness wasn’t that easy to get into. Still, it was worth it when it made her husband scream so well.

Part Twenty-Eight

In the door, and Xander dropped their bags. “Lock it,” he ordered, carefully not looking at William.

Blue eyes stared at the swiftly clenching and unclenching fists by his lover’s sides and Will swallowed convulsively before closing the door and flipping the deadbolt, the sound echoing loudly to his ears.

“Xander…” he began, only to blink and bite his lip when that strongly muscled body turned faster than he would have thought possible, and the next thing Will knew, he was crushed hard against it.

“Shut up, baby. Just… don’t. I…” His entire body was vibrating with such a flurry of contrasting sensations and emotions that Xander barely knew what he was saying or doing. In fact, all he truly knew at that point was…

William was there in his arms. William was safe and whole. And William was definitely far stronger than Xander had truly believed until just a few minutes earlier.

It had been easy, he realized, to say that he knew Will was strong, but clearly some part of him hadn’t really accepted it… had thought that he needed to protect the slightly smaller man, and not just because of the bad leg that was so much better now.

It had been simple to let Will believe that Xander had considered them to be equals in every way, and yet it had taken just one fist and one shouted spate of fury to prove that he’d underestimated the man he loved so very much.

“I… I’m sorry,” he finally whispered, lips brushing one nearly delicate ear through waves of wheaten hair. “I’m so sorry, baby…”

And while William wasn’t entirely sure of what Xander was apologizing for, he didn’t really care.

His hands stroked slowly up and down the length of his bloke’s spine, the left one moving just a bit less firmly due to the aching of his knuckles, and when he rubbed his cheek against his love’s shoulder and got a quiet moan for the effort, he merely did it again.

“ ‘s alright, Xan,” he murmured, his voice pitched low to soothe. “No worries, luv. Going to be just fine, we are… can’t be anything but, as long as we’re together, right?”

And William didn’t know; didn’t understand! He had no idea that Xander had been thinking of him as less manly than himself, and… God, he wanted to tell him! Wanted to tell Will that he’d made certain assumptions from the beginning and that he knew now that he’d been wrong, and that he loved Will—more than he’d ever thought possible, and even more now than he’d done a mere ten minutes earlier, and…

And he couldn’t. Not now that they’d finally gotten to this point where everything was right between them, and…

And how often did anyone really see their lover, anyway? Wasn’t it supposed to be a constant discovery, with perceptions changing from day to day?

Well, yeah. And he would tell Will one day. Just not today.

He held his blond closer, tighter, inhaling the unique scent of body wash, shampoo, soap and something that was purely William as he let himself calm; let himself relax into the matching hold on his own body.

“I’m still sorry that you had to meet Larry, baby. Much less like that.”

William couldn’t help the smirk that crossed his lips. He’d been fairly sure that whatever was bothering his Xan had had something to do with the unwelcome surprise that had awaited them in the car park behind their building, but he’d also been slightly worried that his love was upset with him for hauling off and slugging the bastard with a good left hook… then kicking him while he was down.

It had been the big jerk’s own fault, though, William told himself encouragingly.

Xander’s ex had apparently tracked the bloke down, then somehow managed to lurk about unseen until they’d returned… and then the horribly drunk and clearly drugged prat had tried to kiss Xander! Right there in front of him!

So of course he’d responded as only a furious lover would.

It had surprised him, once Xander was dragging him away, that the much larger bloke had gone down so easily. The look on the other man’s face when William had said what he’d said had surprised him, too; simply because of the despairing acceptance in it.

He couldn’t remember the actual words, but he definitely remembered his own tone when he’d more or less told the former—fuck, because he’d be damned if he’d refer to that shit as Xander’s lover—told the former fuck that Xander belonged to William now… and if either of them caught so much as a glimpse of him again, well… Will knew how to make people disappear forever and wouldn’t hesitate to do so in his case.

Granted, his actual comments had probably contained far more cursing and far less dignity… and he didn’t actually know how to do that, but still, there it was.

William’s smirk faded into a soft smile against Xander’s shoulder and he laughed softly.

“I’m not sorry I met him, luv,” he murmured. “Rather glad of it, to tell you true. Finally got to show him just what I think, didn’t I?”

He couldn’t help laughing at that, though Xander still felt just a tiny bit guilty for bringing his drama to Will’s door. Still… “Oh, you so did, baby… and you know what my favorite part was?”

Will pulled back just enough to arch a brow at smiling brown eyes. “What’s that, pet?”

Xander licked his lips slowly, letting the heat and need he felt for his lover show in his eyes even more than usual.

“The part where you told him that I’m yours… and that I have no use for a… what was it?” His brow furrowed even as his smile grew. “Oh, yeah. A ‘disgusting, drooling, abusive piece of shit who didn’t know a good thing when he had it’.”

Even though he blushed slightly at hearing the words, William couldn’t help nodding. “And it’s true, luv. All of it.”

“Even the part where you’re mine, too? For real, Will? I mean…”

Those teeth were worrying at that full, red bottom lip again and William had had enough.

One hand left Xander’s strong back and slipped up between them, fingertips tracing slowly over the tanned, smooth face until the lip popped free.

Those digits danced lightly on the slightly puffy flesh even as Will met Xander’s eyes with a seriousness that left the younger man breathless.

Especially the part where I’m yours, Xander. No point to any of this mortal coil if I’m not yours, is there? Wouldn’t want your ring on me, even.”

A soft, nearly inaudible whimper came and then Xander was hiding his face in Will’s neck, even though the hiding made him feel like a coward. “Show me…?”

The words were barely loud enough to be heard, even with as close as those lips were to his ear, but William heard them. Hell, he heard them perfectly.

“Show you, luv… show you until you’re begging me to stop, I will. Starting now, Xan… now.”


He didn’t mind at all that Will had bypassed the couch. In fact, Xander couldn’t imagine any better first time—at home—than exactly what he was getting.

Okay, being bent over the back of the sofa while William fucked him hard sounded appealing, but… that could wait. Hell, it could wait for days, weeks… months, even, if this was what he’d be getting instead.

His mouth opened in a silent gasp, feet sliding up Will’s chest slowly as the blond stared deep into his eyes.

He could feel the edge of the mattress beneath his ass; feel the soft, supple Egyptian cotton against his spine… and even more importantly, he could feel the already seeping tip of William’s perfect shaft pushing lightly at his hole before receding and returning, slipping just a tiny bit deeper with each slow, rocking movement.

Xander’s eyes closed and he hissed helplessly as long, elegant fingers danced their way to his already budded nipples and pinched nearly roughly.

His back arched against the bed, pressing into the tender assault of hands and cock, and he… keened.

William knew he was smirking, but there wasn’t a chance in hell that he could avoid it. He was about to take his love and take him hard… in their bed. Or on it, which was more or less the same thing.

Xander was spread out before him like some sumptuous feast, tanned skin tight and sweat-sheened over flexing muscle; those strong, long legs were over his shoulders and bright red-brown nipples were peaking even more whenever he tweaked them, and… and God, Xander’s little hole seemed to be yearning for his cock, judging by the way it was opening to him.

“Like a rosebud, pet,” he murmured, dragging his eyes away from desperate brown to gaze lovingly at the small pucker that greeted each small press with increasing surrender. “My very own special rosebud, that is…”

“Y-yours…” Xander heard himself whimpering, his fingers digging roughly into the sheets as he arched again.

Blue met brown once again, holding steady, and William could have cried at the degree of love he saw there.

He didn’t, of course, because that would have worried his bloke and likely put an end to the moment they were sharing; if only because Will would have had to explain his tears, and… and that wasn’t acceptable. He could cry from the sheer bliss of it all later, he decided… and likely would.

For that particular moment, he chose instead to pull a hand away from Xander’s chest and run it up and down one tense, trembling thigh as he rocked harder, pressing inescapably deeper… and when he felt just the tip of his hardness push through, William moaned… and paused to appreciate the sensation.

His eyes widened just a bit as Xander’s became nearly frantic. “God, luv…” he soothed. “God… never took you this slow before… ‘s like a bloody revelation, Xan.” William groaned, the truth of his words suddenly hitting him.

“Every inch… every little slide into you, pet… need to feel it. Need to take hours to be deep in you, Xander. It’s… a benediction. A blessing. A sodding gift, no matter how poncey that sounds.” Will swallowed hard at the anguished need in his bloke’s eyes then smiled a bit sheepishly.

“Right, then. Not hours. Just going to seem like it, yeah?” he said to that look, even as he pressed himself a tiny bit deeper, letting the tightness of his Xan’s opening close fully around his thick head. “Oh, bloody…”

Xander gasped, his head pushing back against the mattress, fingers digging deeper into cotton as his hips arched helplessly, trying to take the intrusion deeper. “W-will…! Please… p-please, just…”

And there was no chance that he was going to ‘just’; not when he was sure what Xander meant was ‘just fuck me, already’. Still, there was no reason to make his love completely insane. Not this time, anyway, and if William were going to be honest with himself, he’d have to admit that he needed this just as badly as Xander did.

“Shhhh…” he murmured, one hand flat on Xander’s chest, covering a tight, sensitive nipple, while the other slid down a lightly haired thigh to find and grasp one straining hip.

“Going to give you just what you want, luv… in my own way.” William knew his voice was smug, but he for damned sure felt smug. He’d known he could make Xander cry out and beg… even make the younger man babble helplessly. But this was the first time that he was doing it in their own home, and… he wanted his love to remember this time for the rest of their lives.

He pushed himself deeper, slowly sinking to flush within the only man who’d ever been perfect for him… and when he finally shored up against his bloke’s ass with Xander’s tight, hard balls against the coarsely haired skin above his cock, he groaned. “So deep… so deep in you, luv.”

And then Xander clenched around him and William had to move, his plan for ‘slow-make it last-take forever’ changing just that quickly.

It took a supreme effort but Xander managed to lower one leg, shifting it below Will’s arm to bend behind the blond’s straining spine and he nearly shouted at the small change of angle. “God… Will.” His voice was ragged and desperate, matching the intense need swamping his body. “Yes… yes, baby… yes…”

Elegant fingers tightened, digging almost roughly into Xander’s hip as William’s eyes closed and he pulled back as slowly as he could, leaving just his seeping, swollen head inside his love’s tight little opening.

His other hand abandoned the tempting nipple it had been toying with, fingers sliding up to the brunette’s neck, then his jaw, and finally slipping slowly into the wide, red mouth. “Suck them, pet… like they were my cock, alright?”

He didn’t even wait for his love to start or comment; he simply used that moment to reverse his earlier motion and snap forward, hips slapping ringingly against the skin of Xander’s ass as he pierced him fully, deeply.

Xander had no idea of how he managed to cry out roughly and still suck those fingers deep, but he must have because he was for damned sure sucking hard at Will’s fingers and laving them with his tongue, and Will had just driven so forcefully along his prostate that he wasn’t sure he’d be able to hold out as long as he knew the blond could…

Of course, that didn’t matter. He was pretty sure that his lover would keep going even if Xander came first, and that… well, that was never a bad thing so he merely clenched tightly around the once again unmoving shaft inside him and lost himself in sucking Will’s fingers, swirling his tongue around and around, letting the tip delve between the ends of the digits the same way he usually pressed it into William’s seeping slit, and… oh, God. That long, slow withdrawal again…? Was going to kill him.

His hand flexed again on Xander’s tense, solid hip, even as William crooked the fingers of his other hand, sliding them against the roof of his bloke’s mouth, then down to press against that talented tongue. He took one deep breath and exhaled on a groan as he snapped inside again, faster this time; harder.

“Feel me for days, luv… fell me even when I’m not in you, won’t you, Xan?” he heard himself muttering, but as he meant it, he truly didn’t care that he’d had no intention of speaking out loud just then. “Every time… another bloke…” he groaned, repeating the motions again, “so much as… looks at you… you’ll feel me right…” Another hip snap, met by a strangled-sounding moaned whimper. “Here!”

God, it was true. Truer than he’d ever thought possible. This tender-harsh, slow-frantic bout of sweet-rough fucking-loving would always be right there in the back of his mind; even years in the future, and Xander knew it.

He knew it… and he reveled in it.

His body rocked and heaved on the bed, hands releasing small mounds of distressed cotton in order to touch, stroke, feel William’s arms. The fingers of one hand closed softly around the forearm near his mouth, while the other hand found the wrist by his hip, and that added connection was just what he needed; just what he wanted.

He gasped wildly around the digits still moving in his mouth and when they were removed, he simply used that added bit of freedom to raise his head and look down his own form, gaze passing his own dripping cock to fasten on what he could see of Will’s as it moved in—fast and hard—and out—slow and smooth—of his body. “God… William…”

It thrilled William no end that he could feel Xander’s eyes burning his skin—burning it with the heat and passion they shared.

It excited him beyond bearing that his love was arching and nearly undulating that long, muscled body and was not only letting him be in control but clearly—obviously—loving every moment. And moment was the right word because he knew he couldn’t last much longer. Not when he could hear the tiny hitched breaths catching in his Xan’s throat; not when he could feel that amazingly tight muscled ring clenching rhythmically around him as he pulled so slowly back across that little nub inside Xander’s body… and definitely not when he slammed himself deep once more, his hips moving in small, tight circles this time… and was treated to a litany of his bloke’s true thoughts.

Xander was babbling and he couldn’t stop.

He also couldn’t seem to care.

“Yes, love you, God, love you… so fucking good… Will, Will… William! Please… please baby… so fucking… perfect… G-god, Will! L-love you, love you, love you, need you so m-much… never s-s-stop… j-just l-l-lik-ke tha-at!”

William shot the hand that had so recently been at Xander’s mouth down, fingers wrapping firmly around the dripping, pulsing shaft his love had been sporting for what seemed like a bare moment and a blissful forever… and as he pulled himself fully from Xander’s perfect ass, he stroked roughly once, twice; and then once more.

His eyes finally opened and he pushed firmly back in, penetrating again and sliding quickly to flush as his bloke’s already tight balls became harder still against his abdomen…

And then they were cumming, bodies writhing, bucking, bowing against each other.

Voices cried, howled, blended together, just as their bodies wrapped tightly around each other, thick, rich spunk filling and painting with abandon and fulfillment… and most of all love.


Moments or hours later, they lay entangled in each other and sticky sheets, neither of them willing to move apart for long enough to clean up.

Will’s cheek brushed lightly against one broad, tanned shoulder, his fingers pale on Xander’s chest. “Love you too, Xan,” he murmured, pressing a soft kiss to the point of his love’s collarbone. “Was cumming too hard to say so before, but bloody hell, love you too…”

It was a sated and lazy smile that curled Xander’s lips and his arms merely shifted an inch around his lover’s slightly smaller form, but with as sensitive as they both were right then, he knew it was enough.

“Good,” he mumbled back, “because if you changed your mind now? Pretty sure my baby sister would hurt you, Will. And trust me. Willow may seem like she’s all sweetness and light but you do not want to piss her off.”

A very dramatic and obviously fake sigh left William’s lips, even as he pressed closer against his love’s side. “Well. In that case, I suppose we should start looking for those rings you mentioned. Tomorrow, perhaps.” He smiled contentedly against Xander’s chest.

Dark, full brows furrowed for a moment; then the brunette chuckled. “We have a couple days before I’m officially ‘back’, baby… and if you want to use them for shopping, well, that’s fine. I was kinda hoping for more naked and sweaty time, but…” He let his voice trail off, his grin becoming truly huge when the blond head shook.

“Internet,” William announced smugly a few moments later. “We can do all sorts of things on the internet… even while naked.”

He listened to Xander laugh again, his heart swelling as always from the sound. “What?” he finally demanded playfully. “I may be a blond but I promise you, pet… I’m smarter than I look.”

It was the best opening he was going to get, Xander figured, and so he took his shot. Hopefully it wouldn’t upset his lover, but… if it did, he’d just have to make it up to him, so as far as he was concerned, it was a win/win situation.

His arms tightened just a bit more and he yawned slightly before finally asking the question that had been bothering him for what seemed like forever.

“Will…? Um, you don’t have to tell me, but… why does everyone think you’re mentally challenged? Because if you are then I’ve totally been cruising the wrong group of guys…” He knew it was an incredibly crass way of putting it but he was hoping to draw a laugh from his blond.

“Um, okay…” after a few moments of silence, “I guess I shouldn’t have asked. And just for the record, I’m all non-cruising-guys guy now, okay? Found my guy. Don’t need anyone else.”

William sighed softly and wrapped himself more tightly to his bloke’s side, although he’d never call it ‘snuggling’… not out loud, anyway.

“It’s a long story, pet… tell you tomorrow?”


A soft nip at Xander’s pectoral and Will nodded. “My word on it, Xan. I’ll tell you the whole bitter truth.” He sat partially up then leaned in, kissing his bloke with fatigue-laden sweetness before falling back to his previous position. “Going to have to be after you spend your morning wood in my tight little ass, though.” William yawned, eyes half-closed. “Looking… forward to that…”

Oh, yeah, Xander thought, smiling even as he drifted off to sleep with his mate, it was a rough life. But he’d manage to endure it somehow.



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