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I Believe  


I Believe


In Response to

If Only We Believe

As I stand behind you Pam, my friend

 and Alana and her son Richard ...

It prompted me to write this:


I Believe

Debi   Fisher

I have so may friends

Who are in the enlisted crew

And now Richard shall be joining them

He shall be one too


My special group of enlisted

Carry with them from  me

a guardian angel in their heart

It brings them peace that be


I pray each night to Heaven

And as God please stay

For our enlisted as they do their job

Each and every day


Alana as a mother

You have the right to worry

And know that God is watching

As Richard must go and scurry


Richard as a son

I know you'll do your Mother proud

As I and all American

Cheer for you out loud


But whether you are Richard

Are a soldier yet unknown

Trust me when I say

Your support team sure has grown


So thanks to all the "Richards"

Who keep this land so free

I'll be saying prayers for all

As they strive to let this country be



Written by Debi Fisher


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